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Mathletics(TM) Meets iPad(TM) in Schools - The "Learnification of Gaming"

SYDNEY, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- World-leading education resource Mathletics arrives on iPad using groundbreaking new mobile technology.

Today is a landmark day for the team of educational technologists at 3P Learning, the e-learning powerhouse behind one of the world's most used e-learning resources, Mathletics. Today sees the launch of Mathletics Student, the company's long-awaited move into the tablet-based educational arena – a custom-designed and tailor-made free app for iPad that for the first time brings the award-winning resource to hand-held devices. A sister app for Android tablets is due for release shortly.

Tablet computers are fast becoming the preferred medium for teaching and learning – with devices such as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab(TM) at the forefront of the movement with schools. In addition, a recent study by 3P Learning found that by 2015 two in three students will have a tablet device at home. Working within this rapidly evolving educational landscape, the team at 3P Learning have long been recognised as being ahead of the curve in terms of technology implementation in the global classroom.

Mathletics Student gives access to the award-winning Mathletics platform, and will continue growing to include its full extensive library of internationally aligned curricula and assessments for students aged 4-18. 3P Learning's groundbreaking new technology allows for content to be dynamically delivered directly to the student's device – content that is itself uniquely tailored to the student's own ability level. All results data generated is synced in real time with a live online Teacher Report Centre for schools, as well as dedicated reporting for parents.

Head of mobile development at 3P Learning, Harry Ohlsen, said "The app is a world first in e-learning. Packing our student interface, extensive curriculum content and a brand new version of Live Mathletics into a tablet involved significant technical challenges.  We wanted to go beyond simply making Mathletics work on an iPad, just a website on a tablet - that's not our way. Our user interface, graphic design and back-end teams all put in 110% over many months to make this a reality.  We hope students enjoy using the app as much as we enjoyed building it!"

This is not the first time 3P Learning have created brand new technology for their global community of schools, the company has long been at the forefront of e-learning. Launching in 2006 with the groundbreaking Live Mathletics activity - pitting students across the world against each other in real-time live mental mathematics "races" – 3P Learning was one of the pioneers of the "gamification of learning" by bringing game-based engagement into the classroom.

Tim Power, Managing Director of 3P Learning, said "Mathletics has long since ridden the wave of gamification, advancing beyond it to pioneer what we call the "learnification of gaming". With the advancements in Mathletics as well as our upcoming developments too – this is a real next-generation release. We're going far beyond simply using game environments as a means to engage students; we are creating immersive worlds of learning for our schools, using the latest technology along the way. The iPad app is just another way we are achieving this".

Mathletics Student is available now in the iTunes App Store, and is free to download. Note – Students must have an existing Mathletics account/subscription to launch the app.

About Mathletics
Mathletics is the world's leading online learning resource for mathematics. The winner of several major industry awards for innovation, Mathletics is used by over 2 million students in over 150 countries. Since its creation in 2006, students online have completed over 15 billion questions and curriculum activities. A mixture of online games, curriculum activities, eBooks, interactives and video combine to create a fully encompassing learning resource for students ages 4-18, with a suite of reporting and lesson-building tools making it highly popular with teachers and parents.

About 3P Learning
3P Learning is a global e-learning company, based in Sydney with national offices in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. The company is behind award-winning e-learning resources for schools and students including Mathletics, Spellodrome and the annual global phenomenon World Education Games, with over 2 million students involved. The team at 3P is passionate about education with most coming from a teaching background.


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