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New Online Platform Sparks 'Great American Recovery' Movement as Holiday Season Approaches

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - PowerWallet, a free online money management and savings platform, is helping start the Great American Recovery movement with access to planning tools and money saving technologies.

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When president and tech entrepreneur, Bob Sullivan, teamed up with co-founder Howard Dvorkin, CPA and personal finance expert, they had two goals in mind: to positively impact people's money management skills and help the American economy recover from a lagging down-turn. "As more Americans use PowerWallet to get a realistic picture of their money and expenses, they are first-handedly starting a movement we are calling the Great American Recovery. With the assistance of our free online platform, they are using technology to pay off more debt, pay their bills on time and responsibly shop for the holidays which will in turn help the economy as a whole perform better," said Sullivan.

With Halloween right around the corner, retailers nationwide are not only rolling out their Halloween ad campaigns but are also gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas rollouts. Many Americans are using PowerWallet's simple platform to plan and prepare for a financially responsible holiday spending season. "After getting great personal finance tips and advice from PowerWallet's blog and using their platform to see where all my money is going, I have been able to get a jump start on planning now for holiday expenses," said Vikky Sixtos, a new PowerWallet user.

"We know firsthand that people need help figuring out their finances and with the holidays approaching, expenses grow and we want to help people be smart and use their money wisely.  We have dedicated time and resources into this platform because we know people want trusted advice about how to deal with day-to-day money issues and from the feedback we have received so far, I can tell that we are headed in the right direction to help people achieve their own financial recovery," said Dvorkin, CPA and Fox Business columnist.

Top 3 New PowerWallet Features Americans Can Use to Achieve the 'Great American Recovery' & Stay Under Budget this Holiday Season:

  • Customized Coupons – Users get access to coupons based on their geographical location and spending habits. Get weekly emails with exclusive coupons and access thousands of coupons from PowerWallet's database full of manufacturer and store coupons.
  • Daily Deals – Stop looking all over the Internet or going through your email inbox to check each daily deal site and rather use PowerWallet! Access PowerWallet's daily deals from exclusive email notifications or easy-to-read daily deal database that within the PowerWallet platform.
  • Spending Plans – Start planning now for the holidays with PowerWallet's spending plans and budgeting application. Set up different spending plans for different categories and get regular notifications via email.

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PowerWallet is a free online personal financial management tool that helps users budget smarter, manage their monthly bills & expenses easier, plan for the future and save more with customized coupons. Launched in early 2011, PowerWallet has quickly grown with the intent to help Americans take power over their personal financial situation. For more information on PowerWallet's free online money management service, visit

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