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PhishMe Inc. Announces October 2012 Speaking Schedule & Trainings

CHANTILLY, Va., Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- PhishMe Inc., a provider of phishing awareness training for employees of government agencies, universities and large enterprises, today announced their 2012 year-end conference schedule, detailing where PhishMe executives will be presenting and exhibiting during the coming months.

In total, PhishMe executives will be participating at 29 information security and executive-level events across the US and Canada during Q4 2012. PhishMe's presentations, boardroom sessions, training sessions and panels will be led by the PhishMe executive team, comprised of Rohyt Belani, CEO and co-Founder, Aaron Higbee, CTO and co-Founder, Jim Hansen, V.P. of Sales, and Scott Greaux, Vice President, Product Management and Services.

In addition, PhishMe executives will be delivering keynote speeches at two events, Hacker Halted, Miami, FL on October 29th and Interface Orange County, Anaheim, CA on October 17th. Scott Greaux will be teaming up with security experts Tim Rohrbaugh, CISO, Intersections Inc. and Tim Wilson, Editor of Dark Reading to form the Hacker Halted keynote panel discussing "How to Make End Users Smarter About Security." Aaron Higbee will be presenting a keynote on "Changing Employee Behavior to Combat Advanced Threats & Spear Phishing" at Interface Orange County.

"At a time when spear phishing attacks are to blame for compromising major organizations and threatening our nation's critical infrastructure, initiating and continuing effective security awareness and training programs for employees must become a top priority," said Rohyt Belani, CEO and co-founder of PhishMe. "PhishMe's aggressive end of year schedule full of professional education sessions underscores our effort to help the industry at large best protect themselves from these serious attacks."

Speaking Sessions:

  • RSA EU, London, UK – Oct. 9-11; Jim Hansen
  • ISACA NYC, New York, NY – Oct. 10; Rohyt Belani
  • NRC Security Awareness Day, Rockville, MD – Oct. 16; Scott Greaux
  • NERC, San Diego, CA – Oct. 17; Jim Hansen
  • IANS San Fran, San Fran, CA – Oct. 17-18; Rohyt Belani, Jim Hansen
  • (ISC)2 Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA – Oct. 18; Aaron Ansari
  • FS-ISAC- Fall, Leesburg, VA – Oct. 21-24; Jim Hansen
  • ISSA International Conference, Anaheim, CA – Oct. 25-26; Aaron Higbee

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About PhishMe

PhishMe provides organizations the ability to train their employees and customers about the risks of spear phishing with just a few simple clicks. With over 3.1 million individuals trained since its launch in 2008, PhishMe provides a cost effective way to mitigate this challenge. The company has proven that its training can reduce the threat of employees and customers falling victim to phishing attacks by up to 85 percent.

PhishMe is a leader in anti-phishing training and focuses on educating users on how to best protect themselves from the latest scams. Using PhishMe's built-in templates and simple functionality, companies can emulate real phishing attacks against their employees within minutes. PhishMe facilitates and automates the execution of mock phishing exercises against the employees and provides clear and accurate reporting on user behavior. Most importantly companies are able to focus their training efforts on the most susceptible employees by providing immediate feedback to anyone that falls victim to these exercises. Additionally, PhishMe adds customizable interactive games to the suite of training modules enterprises can deliver to their staff and customers. PhishMe works with Federal Agencies and Fortune 1000 companies across multiple vertical market sectors including financial services, healthcare, higher education and defense. For additional information, please visit:

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