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Quentasia Entertainment Turns to Crowd Funding For Its Next Digital Album

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Quentasia Entertainment, the entertainment division of Quentasia Industries, announced today that it has launched a campaign to raise $50,000 on, a leading crowd funding site.

Crowd funding is becoming an increasingly important source of funding for independent artists. It allows music lovers to directly participate in the kind of music they would like to hear. “I am extremely excited to about this campaign. Our goal is to raise enough funds to produce and market our next digital album that is to be entitled “Modern Day Living”, commented Gregory Q. Jenkins, President & CEO of Quentasia Industries Inc. Modern Day Living will be a collection of songs ranging in genres from dance to blues to pop to ambient funk.

Greg Jenkins went on to say:

“I passionately believe that there is no shortage of good music. I think the major record labels have embarked on a product development strategy as opposed to an artist development strategy. Artists are not products. They are people. Music should not sound like it came off of an assembly line. With the advent of the internet and crowd funding, more independent artists have the means to bring their unique sound to the marketplace and keep music diversity alive.”

Donors to the project will be given exclusive behind the scenes access. You’ll be able to see the evolution of the song from its first rough cut, the selection of the artist to perform the song and the recording session of the songs. To learn more about the project visit:

About Quentasia Industries Inc.

Quentasia Industries is a diversified company with lines of business in management consulting, entertainment and publishing. Its Management Consulting division focuses on business process improvement in the finance operations units of clients within the financial services, entertainment, software and corporate relocation industries. The Consulting division will expand its practice areas to telecom and the life sciences industries this year.

The Entertainment division will be releasing a full-length digital album and will begin production on an Internet television series, which it hopes to bring to cable or network television in the near future.

The Publishing Division will focus on targeted digital publications in the entertainment and business market space. Its main focus is coordinating the various trade publications of Quentasia but will expand into novels and textbooks in the future. The Publishing division also handles all music licensing for Quentasia.

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