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Redwood Systems Extends Building-Performance Lighting Platform with Room Tracker to Optimize Conference Room Utilization

New Solution Enables Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Professionals to Make the Most of Available Space, Avoid Acquiring New Space and Improve Worker Productivity

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Redwood Systems, the leading provider of building-performance lighting solutions, today announced a new conference room solution that helps businesses optimize their space utilization, reduce overall occupancy costs and increase employee productivity. The Redwood Room Tracker leverages granular sensor data provided by the company’s smart building platform to provide real-time insights into conference room availability and usage patterns, and will be available at the end of the year.

A well-known problem for organizations is that a significant amount of scheduled meeting space ultimately goes unused. Freeing up this unused space creates additional meeting room capacity without increasing the size of the overall real estate portfolio. The Redwood Room Tracker uses sensors embedded in each meeting room to constantly collect actual occupancy data. It integrates with popular calendaring systems including Microsoft Outlook® and Google Calendar™ to automatically free up unoccupied rooms that had been previously scheduled for meetings. The solution also makes finding an available meeting room a less aggravating and much faster experience by giving workers real-time information on current occupancy in all conference rooms.

“Finding available conference rooms can be a frustrating and time-consuming process,” said Stephen Dovala, senior vice president at Jones Lang LaSalle, a leader in real estate services. “Contributing to the problem are occupants who schedule meetings, but do not show up, blocking others from using the space. Redwood Systems’ solution is a unique and cost-effective way to mitigate this problem. It has the potential to benefit our clients who are looking to control costs by identifying which spaces in their office might be unnecessary or improperly utilized.”

When conference rooms are under-utilized, organizations are paying for space they don’t need. With currently available tools and methodologies, companies typically have very limited visibility into determining actual occupancy rates. The data they do have is often dated and/or is only at the granularity of a badge swipe or network login. By providing real-time occupancy data for every conference room, organizations can better understand how space is truly used and plan for how it can be used more efficiently, matching the building’s meeting room capabilities with actual demand. With this better analytical support for their strategic real estate decisions, corporate real estate and facilities managers can tangibly improve their companies’ bottom line by avoiding costly real estate expansion.

“Redwood continues to expand its offerings to make commercial facilities more intelligent and energy efficient,” said Dave Leonard, CEO of Redwood Systems. “Our Room Tracker conference room solution shows the flexibility and open nature of our platform, and the insight it delivers allows our customers to make strategic real estate decisions that save them money.”

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