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CLEARWATER, Fla., Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- announces the release of its new SAP training videos, which offer an innovative way for anyone to learn everything they need to know about SAP consulting. SAP, which stands for "Systems, Application and Products" is an ERP software that is often used by many Fortune 500 companies to automate their manufacturing and finance operations.

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The videos offered at show a live SAP screen so that trainees can see what's happening in real time while they listen to the instructor's voice.  Many other videos use dummy screen captures, which can make it difficult to learn while watching. Website representative Tiffany Farmer says they have taken the SAPtraining process and made it much easier because of the way their videos show each step as it happens rather than just using screen captures.

According to Farmer, their videos (unlike others) don't just teach how to do things. They also teach why they should be done. The website creators believe that teaching the "why" is vital to the effectiveness of the training program. They also believe that by teaching trainees why they should be doing something, they provide them with an in-depth knowledge they can't get anywhere else. Farmer says these features are what set their videos apart from the broad range of competitors.

"Unlike other videos on the market, newcomers to the field can easily learn SAP with our training videos," Farmer says. "The myth that SAP is difficult to learn just isn't true any longer. Watching our videos is as easy as watching any video on YouTube, and the information you can glean from them is priceless."

Many new SAP consultants choose to take academy courses or use printed materials in an attempt to learn, but consultants often say these methods of training can make it difficult to understand the concepts and relate them to the real life SAP application. Also most consultants tend to forget what they learned in classroom courses very quickly, and there is no way for them to get access to the lessons unless they enroll in the course again. Buying SAP training videos that users have unlimited access to whenever they want makes it possible to revisit the training topics again and again in their original form until they can understand. Available modules within the SAP niche include accounting, controlling, sales and distribution, materials management and more.

"SAP has become an important part of the information technology field," Farmer says. "SAPsoftware is now one of the leading ways for companies to stay up to date and do all of the things they need to do in their day to day operations. Knowing how to teach others to use SAP software, implement SAP software and fix problems with it are valuable skills in today's SAP job market.

SAP training includes introducing SAP architecture, its design and its configuration. The course will start by teaching some basic concepts in SAP and slowly move to advanced topics step by step. Slides are used whenever needed to explain the theoretical concepts before showing the live SAP screens in action.

The SAP training videos offered at were put together by SAP professionals who have more than 10 years of experience.  They are designed to assist anyone who is interested in starting at the beginning with little or no knowledge about SAP-based software and take them up to the expert level so that they can begin a SAP consulting practice of their own.  The only requirement for watching these SAP training videos is high speed Internet and a browser. Users can log into their account at their convenience and watch the videos over and over until they have mastered the information. Since it is an online video training program, there is no need for hurry on the part of the students, and they can learn it at their own convenience from home, college, library, office or anywhere they have internet access.

The videos offer features like the ability to pause, rewind and replay the videos as much as users need. The license to watch the videos never expires, and the creator says there is no repeat content included in the videos.

In addition to SAP training videos, also offers users an unprecedented experience: the opportunity to practice on live SAP software hosted through Those who are interested in this feature can purchase an SAP software license from that's good for one month so that they can practice the skills they learn while watching the videos. This special license is available for $99 per month and can be purchased by contacting directly.

The site also offers help desk support for all users. This helps to ensure that training goes smoothly. Problems with the SAP training can be solved through their free forum

The videos offered at can be purchased for $50 each or in a complete package for $499. also offers custom SAP training at a rate of $200 per one hour of video. Custom training involves the making of custom videos on specific modules of the user's choice. The site offers a 100 per cent money back guarantee on their products if they receive notification that users are dissatisfied within 24 hours of their purchase.

"We are excited to be able to offer so many options to those who are looking for SAP training," Farmer says. "We know that there are many training options out there, but we also understand the importance of having the best way to learn so that trainees can learn everything they need to know about SAP, both inside and out."

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