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ScentAir: Christmas scent is the most memorable of all senses, make it work for you!

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- With Christmas weeks away, retailers have probably already planned and agreed the visual, audio-mix and overall layout of their Christmas offer.

Many stores have a Christmas feel when you look at them and may even have sounds with the seasonal jingles, now is the time to introduce the missing ingredient – scent!

With such a short window of opportunity, retailers need to maximise this shortening sales opportunity. With such importance levied at the Christmas sales period it is crucial retailers engage with their customers on all levels by deepening their connection with them.

Traditionally visual and audio are used to create a feeling of Christmas but now ScentAir UK has added the additional dimension - scent.

Although scent is not thought of as one of the fundamental components of the retail experience it is in fact fundamental to human experience. Scent completes, deepens and enhances our interactions in the retail environment just like it does in the rest of our lives.

Key brands are now looking always to leverage this opportunity into their strategy.

For many retailers, especially those that are looking to take advantage of the down-turn in order to ‘own the upswing’, scent has become a pivotal component of their strategy in a recession and moving forward. Environmental scent is an alternative way for a brand to differentiate its message in a unique and cost effective way. Stores may look like Christmas and may sound like Christmas, now retailers can ensure their premises complete the full multi-sensory experience by smelling of Christmas.

Maximising Christmas marketing strategy and using subliminal selling techniques can give a serious advantage over competitors who may not have either considered scent or perceive it as a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must have’.

Some of the most innovative retailers use scent to create an exceptional customer experience. Carefully engineered with “state of the art”, high quality components, ScentAir’s scent delivery systems can be uniquely configured to your exact requirements in the safest and most effective manner.

Christopher Pratt
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Source: ScentAir