Shell's Nyhamna gas processing plant output to be reduced on Tues

OSLO, Oct 8 (Reuters) - Output from the Royal DutchShell-operated Nyhamna gas processing plant in Norwaywould be reduced on Tuesday, after it experience an unplannedoutage on Monday, the gas system operator Gassco said.

The plant, which processes gas from the giant offshore OrmenLange gas field before it is shipped to Britain, was expected torestart by 2000 GMT on Monday.

It was shut down after 0900 GMT on Monday morning, reducingtotal output for the gas day on Monday by 32 million cubicmetres, Gassco said.

Shell said it was trying to solve the problem and to ramp upproduction as soon as possible.

"We can confirm that we have stopped producing at OrmenLange due to a technical problem at the onshore facilities,"Shells spokesperson said in an email.

The processing plant has an overall capacity of 70 mcm perday, and feeds the Langeled gas pipeline, UK's main undersea gasimport route.

Langeled flows were down to 50 mcm from 68 mcm earlier onMonday.

(Reporting by Nerijus Adomaitis)

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