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Sing a New Tune with Tap the Note

Based on the ColorSoundation Music Literacy Teaching Method, New Free Tap the Note App is Music to the Ears with the Touch of a Finger

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ColorSoundation, the engaging music literacy teaching method, debuts its Tap the Note App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, now available on the App Store.

Introducing children ages 3-8 to music literacy, pitch training and rhythm, Tap the Note, incorporates ColorSoundation’s distinct color-to-note association in a multi-level, interactive game. Each level presents the player with different melodies in synchronization with corresponding characters, enforcing the method’s practice of pitch recognition through color-coded visual aid.

In practice at music education centers in Southern California for over a decade, and rapidly expanding worldwide, ColorSoundation helps to develop social and personal skills through engaging exercises, activities and assignments. Like the teaching method, Tap the Note introduces children to real music skills including literacy, absolute and relative pitch, rhythm comprehension, critical listening and communication, as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Mobile app developers Chaotic Moon, whose recent work includes Disney’s Finding Nemo App, worked closely with ColorSoundation to bring to life the Bright Waves—the program’s note-associated, colorful characters.

“Music provides such an enriching and creative outlet for young children,” said Shiho Yamamoto, who founded ColorSoundation over ten years ago. “Like our program, Tap the Note is true edutainment. It gives young kids in their early development stages the opportunity to learn – and hear – the essential notes of music, in a fun, engaging way.”

The Bright Waves cast includes red Captain “C” note, yellow Dexter “D” note, green Edwin “E” note, orange Frances “F” note, blue Gordon “G” note, purple Ace “A” note and white Bianca “B” note. In each level of play – set to a variety of music genres including classical, reggae, dance and hip hop – the Bright Waves pop into the screen, hitting their respective musical note. Players tap the note to score points and move to the next level.

“Tap the Note is the most fun way to teach children about music using tablets, which we say not just because we built it, but because we love using it with our kids,” said Adam Lipman, Chief Operating Officer, Chaotic Moon.

The Tap the Note App is available for free from the Apple App Store, exclusively for iOS.


Since 2002, the groundbreaking method ColorSoundation has employed color-coded exercises to help young children quickly develop essential music skills. Through participation in engaging group classes, ColorSoundation introduces children ages 3-8 to music literacy, pitch training and rhythm, while simultaneously developing both social and personal developmental skills. The program has been offered in multiple early education centers in Southern California, as well as in facilities for children with special needs, demonstrating the value of musical education in cognitive development. ColorSoundation is the property of HoriPro Entertainment Group, trademarked and registered.

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Source: ColorSoundation