TABLE-Czech jobless rate rises to 8.4 pct in Sept

Oct 8 (Reuters) - The Czech unemployment raterises to 8.4 percent of the workforce in September, the Labour Ministry said on Monday, just above the forecast in a Reuters poll


Analysts surveyed in a Reuters poll had predicted the raterose to 8.3 percent in September.

CZECH UNEMPLOYMENT 09/12 08/12 09/11pct of workforce 8.4 8.3 8.0number of availablejobless 478,548 472,120 458,156total number of jobless 493,185 486,693 475,115

NOTE. The number of available jobless shows how many peopleregistered as unemployed by labour offices are able to startwork shortly. The jobless rate is derived from that number.

The total number of jobless is for all jobless registered bylabour offices.

(Reporting by Mirka Krufova)

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