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Top Spinoff Stocks Uncovered, TSR’s Research Reveals

NEW YORK & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Established in 2005, with the launch of their new Spinoff website and free newsletter, not including a mixed bag of Carve-Outs and IPOs, the latest corporate restructuring research & calendar by global Spinoff specialists, TSR ( now analyses and covers north of 100 pure Spinoffs.

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“Clients say, being fully global; TSR [The Spinoff Report®] demonstrably delivers hedge and mutual funds more ideas and analysis on Corporate Spinoffs than any other research firm”, Jim Osman, CEO of TSR.

What does TSR’s research cost?

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In Numbers… TSR’s unmatched 2012 exclusive output to clients:

-2% : S&P500 Performance (Dec 2007 to Sep 2012)
300+ : Spinoffs Covered
163 : Email Alerts on Spinoffs (Past, current & future)
105 : Idea Generation / Top 3 Spinoff Ideas Weekly
21 : Early Wire Analysis (TSR View on Spinoffs recently announced)
54 : Research Updates (Post Spinoff avg. 7pg research notes updated for earnings & changes)
41 : Weekly News Reviews of Global Spinoffs


:TSR’s Recommendation Performance Track Record – Spinoff Portfolio (Dec 2007 to Sep 2012)


: Full Analysis (Avg. 40pgs, TSR’s Financial models, forecasts, target prices and recommendations)

: Potential Spinoffs Globally

: Spinoff Report Calendars (Avg. 104 Deals or 2x if including the researched Spinoff company)

: Model Portfolio Reviews (Avg. 15 Parent & Spinoff holdings reviewed & updated monthly)

The Spinoff Report® (TSR)
Jim Osman, CEO
+1 212 714 7046

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