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30DC MagCast Publishes 100th Magazine in 100 Days On Apple Newsstand

NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- 30DC, Inc. (OTCQB: TDCH), a provider of web based tools for the monetization of digital content, today announced that its MagCast digital publishing platform has been used to successfully publish its 100th unique magazine title on Apple Newsstand.  Achieving this milestone within the first 100 days since launching in mid June demonstrates the power of MagCast to provide the web tools for publishers of all sizes to take their idea from concept to the reality of a quality digital magazine in an efficient and timely manner.

Traditionally, 30DC clients have come from the Internet marketing community and have been concerned with content distribution and the delivery of digital products and services. Based on our findings, 30DC's management believes that MagCast offers Internet marketers the potential to connect with a vast new market of potential customers interested in their specific product or market niche. We believe the initial MagCast customers have demonstrated that a successful magazine can be created and launched from scratch quickly and cost effectively.  As 30DC starts to market MagCast to a wider audience the early adopters provide a tremendous showcase for unlocking the world of digital publishing to niche markets and communities, for swiftly creating publications, promoting content and generating new revenue streams.

30DC CEO, Ed Dale, commented today, "What is really pleasing about the MagCast program is the diversity of publishers, the diversity of networks, the diversity of demographics, and 30DC working together with our publishers will be delivering a series of new offerings targeted at the particular interests of the consumers of the new magazines."

Dale went on further to say, "The Internet is wide spread on a global scale yet allows for targeted interests to communicate focused areas of interests, whether that be information, infotainment or consumer products and MagCast niche publishers are in the perfect position to meet that need."

MagCast is a collaboration of 30DC and Netbloo Media Ltd., who jointly developed the concept and design of the platform.  More information about the MagCast publishing platform can be found at

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30DC provides web based tools for the monetization of digital content. The Company's MagCast publishing platform offers an apps development and maintenance tool for publishers seeking to circulate content on a single issue or subscription basis. MagCast utilizes Apple's marketplace for digital media, Newsstand as the customer interface which provides electronic distribution and collects revenue.

The Company operates Internet educational services the Challenge (formerly the 30 Day Challenge) and Immediate Edge. The Challenge is a free module-based training program designed for individuals looking to learn about internet marketing at their own pace. It can be accessed online at To date the education program has schooled more than 175,000 individuals, and currently has approximately 100,000 active online members.

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Netbloo Media Ltd. is a Digital Marketing agency based in Asia Pacific with clients around the world. Netbloo Media Ltd. helps online startups as well as big corporate players by providing custom Digital Marketing solutions including product Launch consulting, mobile Apps development, targeted web applications and media campaigns. Netbloo Media Ltd. is responsible for some of the most "game changing" products including, Market Pro Max and The MagCast Publishing Platform.

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