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A Car Rental Company Meeting the Needs of Today

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Governments may be responding slowly to the growing climate change problem, but individuals are demonstrating that they can do something in the here and now. Every day, private citizens are voting with their pocketbooks, by making environmentally friendly decisions when it comes to transportation. If you need to rent a vehicle, either because you are visiting Los Angeles from out of town, or need a loaner while you own car is in the shop, there are now green options at very affordable prices. One company that is leading the way with hybrid car rental in Los Angeles is MPG Car Rental, the premier destination for people who want to help out Mother Nature and save some of their own hard-earned money at the same time.

While many more people are increasingly interested in hybrid car rental for environmental reasons, the economic aspect of this phenomenon shouldn't be ignored. Oil prices keep rising, and as they continue to do so, you will keep taking a hit at the pump. There is nothing more frustrating than finishing up a day at work and then seeing all the money you made get siphoned away at the gas station. That is why so many people – even those for whom the environment has not been a primary issue up to now – are now having second thoughts about wasting their dollars on gas-guzzlers. That is also why the green fleet at MPG Car Rental has become such a popular alternative.

MPG Car Rental offers a number of enticing options, from the Toyota Prius V to the Chevy Volt and many others. The Volt rental in particular is very in-demand, as customers are eager to see if the reality meets the hype. In point of fact, this is one of those rare occasions where it does, and the team at MPG Car Rental has enjoyed a great deal of repeat business from people expressing immense satisfaction with the comfort, handling, and fantastic fuel efficiency of the Volt.

If you are looking for not only the finest selection of green vehicles and low rates, but also a company you can rely on for consistently superior customer care, then MPG Car Rental is the clear choice. This is a group of professionals who are dedicated to providing customer service that goes above and beyond, and it shows in everything they do.

To learn more about the diverse fleet of hybrid vehicles available at MPG Car Rental, contact them directly at (877)-870-7821 or visit online at

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