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Arizona Solar Innovator Brings Life Sustaining Technology to Maasai Tribe

Monarch Power unveiled the Lotus today at the Arizona Solar Summit and will deliver first units to African Maasai Tribe for electricity, chilling, and water purification.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Monarch Power announced today it will deliver solar technology to a Maasai tribe in Tanzania to provide renewable energy and life sustaining applications. Through Monarch’s charitable arm, MPower Foundation, the tribe will receive a large Lotus Aqua next summer, supplying electricity, chilling, and water purification. This iconic tribe of Africa, famous for their jumping and dancing warriors, welcomes these lifesaving amenities.

Maasai Tribe with 1M Lotus (Photo: Business Wire)

Monarch unveiled the technology today at the Arizona Solar Summit. The Lotus technology, which mimics the lotus flower with beautiful folding and sun tracking petals, delivers electricity, heat, chilling, and water purification. Lotus concentrates sunlight 100 times to generate high temperature and pressure steam. High heat turns an innovative micro-turbine with a generator, optional grid-tied. This revolutionary technology doubles power efficiency compared with traditional rooftop panels.

The company announced several models of the innovation. Lotus Heat produces hot water. Lotus Fire runs on natural gas for home and water heating. Lotus Aqua distills unclean water for drinking. Lotus Ice uses absorption chilling for refrigeration and AC. Lotus Life will use seawater as refrigerant boiled off for potable water for Caribbean and Pacific islanders.

“We take for granted life essentials such as lights, AC, and tap water,” said Professor Joseph Hui, CEO of Monarch. “We forget they are scarce in remote poor regions of the world.” MPower visited Tibet, Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and oceanic islanders and will be raising funds to avail these life essentials to people suffering deplorable social disparity. “We want to improve the Maasai lives and land with electricity for lighting and charging cell phones. These people need clean drinking water to eliminate water-borne illnesses and refrigeration to preserve food,” said Hui.

The MPower team talked to Maasai about advantages of technology, educating them to resist change contrary to tradition, and how to accept modern technologies. The Maasai visit video can be viewed at:

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