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Bromme H. Cole Keynote Speaker for Care Show China 2012

SHANGHAI, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As President of Hampton Hoerter China, Mr. Cole is one of the foremost experts in Asia healthcare advisory having consulted on and raised funds for numerous projects within the senior living industry. His firm specializes in providing turn-key management solutions for senior living operations, performing detailed market studies and capital raising for geriatric care projects throughout China. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Cole has held a number of leadership roles in the geriatric care industry with hands on experience in all aspects of healthcare finance and management; he is passionate not only about the business side of senior living but the importance of caring for the elderly in an ageing world.

HHC represents the World Bank's Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency and is an originator for EDN - OPIC.

Mr. Cole is often referred to as a "Door Opener" by clients. He is a natural in manifesting relationships with new clients and thrives on achievement. Always keen to explore new opportunities by leveraging past successes, Mr. Cole is articulate and confident; he is a skilled communicator at all levels who uses empathy, good listening skills combined with a sense of humor to establish positive and stable interpersonal relationships. Above all, he is a fierce advocate for his clients' interests. Mr. Cole is frequent speaker at senior living conferences worldwide and authors the critically acclaimed blog at

Hampton Hoerter has lead successful health care projects all over the world. In Asia, the firm has provided strategic planning for numerous projects including Shenyang Red Fruit Mountain Manchurian Folk-Custom Resort Co., Ltd, the biggest project senior living community in Northeast China and Chongqing Renzhi Healthy City, a large CCRC to be built in Chongqing. In North America, Hampton Hoerter has provided consulting and advisory services for a nationally ranked Medical Center, restructuring the project into two independent operation agencies, one as a general hospital and the other as a pediatric specialty unit. In 2009, Hampton Hoerter assisted Affirmative Hillspoint with its bid to acquire the well-known Freedom Bay project, the largest CCRC in Rhode Island.

Mr. Cole is eager to attend the Care Show China 2012. His keynote speech will address critical market issues as well as new business opportunities for the nascent senior living industry in China.

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