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China's Mobile GRP Movement Initiated By Big Brands

SHANGHAI, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile GRP (mGRP) systems are being built up in China by lots of big brands, which will ignite more and more advertisers to integrate their mobile advertising into online desktop campaigns, where internet GRP is the metric to measure online videos and banners, and will also be compared with traditional TV and other multi-screen media.

Miaozhen Systems, China's leading third-party technology company, announced China's first third-party mobile advertising measurement software development kits (SDK) in the "Measurable Mobile World" Mobile Internet Advertising Forum at the end of September in Shanghai. The solution will help advertisers to build up their mobile advertising reach curve and help them to combine mGRP with iGRP (including online videos, online banners and other display ads) systems, finally, to help them integrate into multi-media strategies.

It's considered a milestone for the industry. This also symbolizes that China's mobile internet advertising market has third-party SDK measurement standards that will dramatically speed up the tremendous growth of this market.

Louis Peng, assistant media manager of L'Oreal, who is responsible for L'Oreal digital media, said, "There was no data in mobile advertising until Miaozhen launch the third-party mobile advertising measurement SDK solutions today. With that, we can integrate mobile into the total cross media strategic plan to better allocate media budgets and get better results. The key problem we're facing in mobile advertising is that we have to figure out the exact role of mobile advertising in brand communications."

Proctor & Gamble, YUM!, L'Oreal, Coca-Cola, Nivea, and many other well-known domestic and international brands have all participated in the movement.

This solution was originally developed during the course of using the SDK to carry out advertising measurements, using the SDK's production and delivery to carry out data encryption, as well as using the SDK to effectively resolve data precision and safety problems. Miaozhen Systems founder and CTO, Wu Minghui, explained, "Miaozhen has already completed link ups with almost all mainstream mobile advertising platforms and by the 4th Quarter of 2012, the Miaozhen mobile measurement system will cover more than 90% of APPs and comprehensively cover the Top10 mobile video customers segments."

This innovative SDK solution will, in the future, help advertising leaders use the same internet video measurement metrics integrated into the iGRP evaluation system, and finally help to optimize media budget allocations for multi-screen media. Currently, there are already over 30 leading brands using this SDK measurement system.

As the founding member of the Mobile Marketing Association China and consecutive joint secretary of the Mobile Advertising Guideline Committee, Miaozhen is dedicated to contributing to MMA and in promoting the set up of mobile advertising standards and guidelines, according to Jade Lu, China manager of Mobile Marketing Association.

In the view of worldwide leading venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, China's mobile internet is on the eve of a big breakthrough with more than 388 million mobile internet users, which is more than the entire U.S. population. The development of China's mobile advertising market will be much faster, better experienced and have a more open ecosystem.

The CEO of Miaozhen Systems, Zhuwei, who participated in the entire process of internet video advertising rapid development and lead China's internet video advertising through rapid growth, points out that the course of mobile internet advertising and internet video websites is very similar. Before 2008, video advertising was also unable to receive the approval of advertisers and it was difficult to draw in the investment of large well-known advertisers. Later on, after companies such as Proctor and Gamble and L'Oreal used third-party measurement and evaluation and saw the potential of online video, they finally started to put money into online video advertising on a large scale. "It is precisely because Proctor & Gamble, L'Oreal, KFC, Coca-Cola, and other leading companies started using third-party services like ours that Miaozhen Systems started to grow rapidly. After accumulating experience with online video, we estimate the growth of mobile internet advertising will be even faster," expressed Zhuwei.

According to the global research leader Millward Brown, measurement of media effectiveness and comparison are the most important problem to overcome. More than 71% of advertisers said measurement is their biggest challenge. Meanwhile, 51% of big brand owners will greatly increase mobile advertising budgets in the coming 2-3 years.

Due to the exclusive nature of a person's mobile device, and the in-depth, interactive and targeted usage, the average effect of mobile Internet advertising exceeds that of PC Internet advertising in the aspects of brand recognition, brand preference and purchase intent. More importantly, because of the key factors of the "innovation bonus," the early adopters of this innovative form of mobile Internet advertising will make branders get the best performance from their brand communications.

Peking Tan, R&D director of Millward Brown Greater China said that mobile internet advertising provides new value for brand integrated marketing, so advertisers need to prepare early to re-integrate with the media investment strategy. He also suggested to advertisers that, "To get a significant impact return of brand communications in mobile internet advertising, advertisers should, first respect the users, and not unduly interfere; second, expose clear communication for each opportunity; and last but not least, focus on measurement."

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