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Choosing Between Big Business Retail or A Custom Solution?

BOSTON, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Every homeowner at some point has struggled with the furniture buying process. "Where should I go to find the item I need?" "Will this item match the other item from the last store?" "How long will this item really last?" Overwhelmed, these are often the questions that people ask themselves before exploring a custom solution. As a maker of custom barn wood furniture, eCustomFinishes often gets asked, "Why go custom?" In addition to solving the common problems above, here is a great list of 5 important reasons to consider going with custom furniture, or almost any custom solution for that matter.


1.     Your dining room looks exactly like your neighbor's – Scary.

  • "Keeping up with the Jones's" does not mean copying shopping at the same furniture store, and buying the same items. Having custom made furniture means creating something that's unique and not settling for the same items you see elsewhere.

2.     You don't actually believe that furniture should be disposable.

  • The most expensive items are the ones that are never used. Instead of filling attics and landfills with items you thought were "good enough" but that ended up being no good, it's far more practical and less wasteful to have something custom made for your purposes.

3.        Humans are better than machines

  • Whether you have a rustic trestle table, chair, or a home accessory custom made, you can and should develop a relationship with the artisan. The maker is not nameless and faceless; he or she is a real human being. We at eCustomFinishes believe this is important.

4.     You want more than just a piece of furniture, you want a conversation piece.

  • Custom made items have a story behind them and you'll want to remember and share that story time and time again. The next time someone asks "Where did you find that?" you'll never be at a loss for words. Sepcificaly, no furniture has more history than that which is made from American barn wood; reclaimed wood from American barns 100-150 years old. 

5.     You want to commission tomorrow's antiques today.

  • Do you see the value in a piece that lasts for generations? So do we. Your sense of style and personal touch will go into a custom made piece of furniture that will be valued for years to come - how amazing will it feel to know you helped in its creation?

Consider these 5 factors upon for your future home purchases as such reasons for going custom are not limited to the world of furniture, but rather are evident and appropriate for every day life.

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