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Compare Bad Credit Personal Loans on Upgraded Website

CHICAGO, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --, the bad credit loans online aggregator, announces some system upgrades have been made to the service's website. The announcement comes after an advanced improvement drive was implemented to provide a more user-friendly and efficient experience for consumers.

Two key crucial areas of the independent comparison website's operation were honed in on and covered by the improvements; the online application form and the associated lender network. The latter is the database containing all of the lenders who consider applications for approval. Following this stage of the process, lenders can deliver instant decisions to candidates. This leads to loan monies being deposited in borrower accounts within 24 hours or less.

A spokesperson for made the announcement.

" is pleased to announce that customers, old and new, can experience some exciting new changes to our website and entire search-and-compare mechanism for personal loans. With these tweaks and additions now live, we hope that consumers will find our aggregator the most convenient, easiest to use and most accessible way to search and compare finance options online despite credit difficulties."

Specifically, the spokesperson gave further details about the differences to the website now.

"The online application has been given a makeover. It now takes less than 2 minutes to complete. The questions it asks are extremely easy, non-invasive and confidentiality is guaranteed. The process is explained in a clearly laid out step-by-step guide that helps to give borrowers a comprehensive overview of the entire service in simple to follow terms."

The spokesperson continued, "Additionally, the circle of lenders whose loan products can be compared through the search service has been improved. There is now a much more eclectic selection available. We hope this will increase the level of competition within the loans for bad credit industry, leading to higher approval numbers, better interest rates and more flexible terms for borrowers to enjoy. All of the featured lenders are all still highly regarded, reputable household-name online lenders. The widening of the net to include more lenders has not compromised our commitment to only including the best."

To apply for a loan with bad credit, visit the website and complete the short application form:

Sam Milo