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Covata Launches U.S. Operations

Innovative Approach to Protecting High-Value Enterprise Information

RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Covata®, a global leader in Enterprise Data Protection and the creator of Self-Defending Data, today announced the launch of Secure Objects technology in the United States. The new Covata office in Reston, Virginia is now home to the senior management team as well as sales and technical support for U.S. commercial and federal customers.

The Covata name may be new to the United States, but the company’s Secure Objects solution set is proven technology, having received EAL4+ certification and completed the DSD Cryptographic Evaluation (DCE) by the Australian Defence Signals Directorate. Covata’s innovative approach combines sophisticated data rights management with proven, certified encryption to protect data anywhere, any time – at rest, in motion, and in use. Covata enables the originator to define the access rights to any data object and then control these access rights after the encrypted objects are delivered to designated recipients. The access activity associated with each data object is logged, providing detailed visibility and auditability. Of considerable interest to enterprise CISOs, the company’s Software Development Kit (SDK) enables organizations to readily apply Secure Objects technology to new and existing business processes, thus extending the security benefits of the Covata solution to a variety of critical applications.

“We are bringing to the U.S. a certified solution that answers the data security needs of government agencies and commercial businesses looking to protect high value information assets wherever they reside,” said Pete Janke, Chief Executive Officer. “Covata has assembled a senior level team with extensive knowledge and experience in IT Security. Our leadership team and our advisors are convinced that spending enormous sums of budget dollars on securing infrastructure is yesterday’s approach. If we are to defend our precious intellectual assets in both business and government, we must do so at the data level.”

Covata USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cocoon Data Holdings Limited, Sydney, Australia. A complete list of Covata’s certifications is available on the Certifications page of the company web site.

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