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Dallas-Based FITCO Launches CultureFIT for Small Business Growth from the Inside Out

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Dallas-based FITCO, a $20 million distributor of elite fitness equipment and solutions for corporations across the U.S., announced today the launch of a new service offering called CultureFIT™, designed to help companies bridge the gap between personal development and corporate goals. Led by CEO Jason Kos, this new series of intense workshops and corporate coaching was created for entrepreneurs and executives of small- to mid-sized businesses to learn how to spur corporate growth “from the inside out.”

“I have been fortunate enough to sit under people like Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, and learn how their unique internal values contributed to corporate success,” said Kos. “I have seen how our own culture at FITCO has led us toward growth. Simply put, as we aligned our day-to-day activities with our core values, we became a better company that worked harder to make our customers happy. CultureFIT is a way to equip small- and medium-sized business owners with those same tools for success.”

The idea was birthed from Jason’s unique vocational and personal experience. A holder of a master’s in psychology, he watched the details of how companies like Zappos used customer service to mold its culture. He appreciated the human touch to service, as he does with a personal dedication to a life of wellness. That’s when it dawned on him to establish something he wished he was given – a culture changing workshop that would help the entrepreneur or executive “from the inside out.”

CultureFIT was made to be scalable, cost-effective and easy to implement for small- and medium-sized businesses. It focuses on changing internal practices in hiring, communication and collaboration, as well as the way an organization is positioned as a brand by establishing core values and balance within self, family and work. In short, CultureFIT helps business owners unlock the potential from within their organizations.

“Jason combines a unique skill set of being both an extremely visionary leader and a rock-solid understanding of business,” said Gregory Florez, CEO of The Vitality Group. “The real proof of business success is in the numbers, and [Jason] is one of the very few in any industry who has experienced growth in a very difficult economy. I believe the tools in CultureFIT are why.”

CultureFIT provides three different phases of interaction, involvement and investment:

  • Warm Up – Team building exercises, culture presentations and a personal tour of the client’s location, all followed by a personal debrief by Jason Kos.
  • Circuit Training – A more comprehensive day-long session at FITCO headquarters will offer everything in “Circuit Training” plus core values development, recognition program discovery and a Culture Index™ deep dive. The session ends with a night in downtown Dallas with FITCO’s team.
  • Elite Performance – The most intensive phase of CultureFIT includes all of the aforementioned workshops, as well as a visit by Jason Kos and his team to the client’s site to complete core values and follow-up on all corporate cultural changes.

“Most executives have read all the great books and have been to the important conferences, but no one seems to have cracked the code to create change,” said Kos. “CultureFIT is that change for a dynamic working atmosphere, immediate productivity and a change that lasts.”

For more information about CultureFIT, fitness room design and premier fitness equipment, visit or call 888.516.2086.

About CultureFIT

The FITCO CultureFIT program was developed to share a proven culture “in action” to inspire small- and medium-sized companies, groups and/or individuals to view business from a different perspective. CultureFIT provides leadership and hands-on tools for entrepreneurs and executives alike to create a paradigm shift within their organizations. Inspired by the life training and proven working experience of Jason Kos, CultureFIT was designed to help any business – and business owner – change from the inside out. For more information about CultureFIT, visit


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