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Developer MSSD Declares War on the Standard Keyboard with Lucrative New Technology Products

CUPERTINO, Calif., Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Massive Dynamics, Inc. (OTCBB: MSSD) announced today that they have focused their newest business efforts on eliminating the last dinosaur in computing. The standard keyboard and QWERTY key layout have gone virtually unchanged since the age of the typewriter. Company management sees this electronics sector as a lucrative new niche for the Company.

"Massive Dynamics is a developer that concentrates on the most lucrative new technology, accessories and products that interface with Apple, Android and PC systems as well as leading edge wireless communications," said Company President Oscar Hines. "With the Intelligent Interactive Web 4.0 quickly approaching, Massive Dynamics has focused on Dynamic, PWR and Virtual keysets. Our new PWR keyset line can be learned quickly by just playing a video game as opposed to a semester of training for QWERTY – and PWR only needs one hand. Imagine being able to instantly surf Reddit by touching your thumb to your counter top, preparing your course lesson on top of your school desk and endless uses for management information sharing and employee interaction. Our research shows that this is the most potentially profitable course for Massive Dynamics."   

Last week, the Company showcased its newest user interface for the Apple phone 5, which takes advantage of the new larger screen to enable users to communicate faster and easier - with the ability of using just one hand for testing and operating the new smartphone. More information on the breakthrough technology and products for Apple, Google's Android and PC devices that Massive Dynamics develops and sells can be seen at

About Massive Dynamics, Inc. (OTCBB: MSSD)

Massive Dynamics, Inc. is a Nevada corporation listed on the OTCBB under the trading symbol MSSD. The Company is an acquirer, developer and seller of leading edge communications technology and products that interface with Apple, Android and PC products to elevate the customer's power and abilities with these popular devices. Massive Dynamics, Inc. is also a dedicated developer of products that assist wounded U.S. veterans to interface and excel with computing and networking opportunities.

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