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Fergus Cleaver: Accounting Expertise Crucial in Small Business Launch

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- While many individuals dream of one day being their own boss, running their own business, and doing things according to their methods and their schedules, the reality is that launching a small business can prove both daunting and difficult. For the new business owner, there are many tasks to consider, ranging from financial considerations to marketing decisions. A recent article from The Guardian surveys numerous business professionals, and asks them what advice they might give to new business owners. The article has won the attention of Fergus Cleaver, who has issued a press statement to respond—and to contribute some advice of his own.

Fergus Cleaver is an accounting professional who lives and works in the Auckland, New Zealand area. As Senior Accountant at Cleaver Richards, Fergus Cleaver works primarily with small business owners, helping them with basic tax preparation, bookkeeping, and financial guidance. As such, he is particularly passionate about helping new, small businesses to succeed.

In his statement to the press, Fergus Cleaver seizes on one point of advice offered in The Guardian—namely, that meeting with an accountant is imperative, long before the doors to the business ever open. Cleaver affirms this, and adds his own words of advice.

"Getting your business structure correct from the outset is critical," Fergus Cleaver remarks, in his press statement. "You need a framework which is cost effective to set up and run, and also has the flexibility to grow with your business." Cleaver goes on to say that the involvement of a professional accounting firm is utterly critical. "By involving your accountant from the inception of the business, you give yourself the best chance to get it right from the start. Remember that it is cheap to make a mistake, but expensive to fix one."

Cleaver's advice echoes the words of the piece in The Guardian, which notes that it is important to set up a business "the correct way," something an accountant can help with.

Other pieces of advice offered in The Guardian are less closely related to accounting, but still very pertinent for small business owners. The article encourages business owners to understand that they do not have to publicize their new business right off the bat, and that in fact, developing a few foundational clients is often a good idea before officially "launching."

The Guardian also advises business owners to focus on building strong word of mouth; to start locally, and even to trade locally; and to seek out professional advice from the start, while remaining willing to work with others in the pursuit of mutual success.


Fergus Cleaver is an accountant based in Auckland, New Zealand. Known for his service to both business and individual clients, he serves as the Senior Accountant at Cleaver Richards. At this firm, Fergus Cleaver assists in providing business and personal services, as well as tax guidance. An established professional within the financial industry, Fergus Cleaver understands the importance of personalized service and the fact that every client has unique financial goals and needs.

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