Greenpeace breaks into grounds of Swedish nuclear plants

STOCKHOLM, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Environmental activists fromGreenpeace broke into restricted areas surrounding two Swedishnuclear power plants on Tuesday to highlight what they said weresafety deficiencies.

The stations' owner, Vattenfall , said police haddetained 43 people who had used ladders to climb over fencesinto the grounds of the Forsmark plant on the east coast, andanother 16 people at the west-coast Ringhals plant who cut holesin the fence and entered on bicycles.

"The activists only reached areas with a lower safetyclassification," the state-owned firm said in a statement,adding that security measures had worked as planned.

Greenpeace Sweden said it was drawing the attention of thepublic, the nuclear industry and the energy minister, Lena Ek,to "serious safety deficiencies" and urged the government toshut the reactors.

A leak at a nuclear waste store in 2005 and the failure ofemergency generators at Forsmark in 2006 fuelled criticism ofnuclear power, which Swedes had voted in 1980 to phase out.

However, the current centre-right government is morepro-nuclear than its predecessors and decided in 2010 thatexisting reactors could be replaced. Vattenfall has applied toreplace one or two reactors.

(Reporting by Anna Ringstrom; Editing by Kevin Liffey)

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