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Hear It Local releases GetBooked Facebook application empowering Direct To Fan bookings for Independent music

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Hear It Local today announced GetBooked, a new Facebook application offering the first Direct to Fan booking platform for Independent Music. GetBooked makes it easy for fans to hire the musicians they "like" on Facebook for house concerts and private events. Watch the video.

"The Direct to Fan business model has already made it possible for musicians to cut out the middle man and reach their fans directly to market their band, sell their music and merchandise, and even fund their next project. But until now, touring and live shows have been left out of the Direct to Fan evolution," said Matt Lombardi, CEO of Hear It Local. "GetBooked allows Independent Musicians to leverage their Facebook page to get house concert bookings directly from their fans, which means that fans get a unique live music experience they'll remember and bands get a more sustainable source of income". House concerts are live music concerts held at a house, apartment, or backyard and can range in size from a few guests to hundreds.

GetBooked helps musicians leverage their existing fans on Facebook to educate them about their availability for House Concerts and private events and then facilitates the booking and payment (offering crowd funding as an option), right from the musician's Facebook page. The Facebook app allows Independent musicians to get bookings while they're on tour, or playing locally and to make money without having to do any additional marketing. "House concerts are an amazing way to personally connect with our fans but there's never been an easy way to book, manage, and promote them," Guitarist Chris Yetter of Orange Avenue says. "With GetBooked, all of the work is done for us and the payment is handled before we even show up for the gig. We can't wait to use it to perform in front of more fans than ever before!"

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Hear It Local is the booking platform for Independent music. We help fans find, fund and book local musicians for their house concerts and parties, and we connect industry professionals with musicians for their venues and events.

Matt Lombardi, CEO, Hear It Local
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