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INJEX Pharma AG Signs Exclusive Distributor Contract for Russia with MEDICI Ltd. / 30,000 INJEX 30 Systems and 7,000 SHIREEN Beauty Kits in the First Year

BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- INJEX Pharma AG, located in Berlin, has signed an exclusive distributor agreement for sales of the needle free syringe INJEX 30 Systems and new Poring-Method with the SHIREEN Beauty Kit with MEDICI Ltd., based in the World Trade Center in Moscow, Russia.

The contract contains a minimum quantity commencing in year one with a minimum of 30,000 INJEX 30 Systems and 7,000 SHIREEN Beauty Kits.

'We are excited to enter Russia with MEDICI Ltd. Russia has tremendous demand for our technology. The initial shipment of 4,000 INJEX 30 Systems and 700 SHIREEN Beauty Kits was triggered by MEDICI Ltd. meeting specific financial and logistical contractual obligations.

We have strategically defined our roll-out for INJEX. The syringe without a needle technology offers a safe and soft alternative for various medical applications including the treatment of diabetes, local anesthetics, dental procedures and vaccinations. Needle free technology is not just an alternative for needle phobia. INJEX technological efficacy will benefit providers in delivering superior patient centric care. Giving patients a pain free alternative without mitigating efficacy makes sense.' Mr. Alexander Novgorodov, General Manager, MEDICI Ltd.

'Simultaneously the innovative Poring-Method with the SHIREEN Beauty Kit also offers huge market potential for the booming beauty market in Russia.' Mr. Novgorodov

'The SHIREEN Poring-Method combined with the proprietary SHIREEN Fluid helps to restore a profound long-lasting smoothing of first superficial wrinkles on the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hands. 'The SHIREEN PoreJet utilizes for the Poring-Method essential Poring-Tip, allowing SHIREEN Fluid to be evenly sprayed through the pores and the outer skin layers. Our new technology offers a pain-free, effective and long lasting effect.' Andy Rösch, CEO of INJEX Pharma AG.

'The breakthrough SHIREEN Beauty-Kit will assist Russian service providers and their patients in meeting the demand for the expanding beauty space. It's an innovative painless application for people wanting to restore a younger, fresher and more beautiful appearance without pain. Other benefits include the avoidance of time-consuming treatments and unnecessary potential risks associated with traditional use of needles. We are confident this technology is needed and its time has arrived. Our initial estimates are quite conservative and we have planned accordingly for upward revisions in the short term to meet demand.' Mr. Novgorodov, MEDICI Ltd.


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