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James Price of San Diego: Smart Accounting Can Save Businesses Money

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- There are many expenses associated with operating a small business, but few are more burdensome than paying taxes. As such, entrepreneurs are constantly seeking smart, savvy ways to ease their own tax payments. A recent San Francisco Chronicle article offers a few suggestions for doing exactly that; the article has won the attention of James Price of San Diego, who weighs in with some comments of his own.

James Price, a long-time business development professional, is currently the CEO of the San Diego-based Aero Financial. Aero Financial seeks to help small and mid-sized businesses improve their efficiencies, via business plan development, social marketing deployment, and accounting services. Price has issued a new press statement in response to the Chronicle article.

"What this article really serves to illuminate is the huge difference that a professional small business accounting service can make," says James Price in his statement to the press. "A lot of small business owners take it upon themselves to do all the accounting, which often means that it gets rushed, or that they do not quite pick up on some of the tax breaks that are available to them."

In fact, one of the pieces of advice mentioned in the article is that small business owners might conduct some research into little-known or oft-overlooked tax breaks. "There are plenty of resources available for helping small business owners save a few dollars on their taxes," notes James Price of San Diego. "An accountant can often help them identify and capitalize on these opportunities."

Additionally, the article recommends that tax preparation be something that is done year-round. According to Price, this may be the clearest endorsement of why professional accounting services can prove so helpful. "Tax preparation is not meant to be done at the eleventh hour," he explains. "That may be how many of us choose to go about it, but the fact is that being more diligent in your year-round tax planning can help reduce the tax burden significantly. Again, this is where a professional accountant can be a lifesaver. Small business owners are busy enough without having to think about year-round tax preparation."

The Chronicle article notes that tax preparation is not a "one size fits all" endeavor, but that its tips can provide some basic direction for small business owners. James Price of San Diego affirms that every business has different accounting needs, but that business accounting services are typically adept at handling a variety of different needs.


James Price of San Diego is the Chairman and CEO of Aero Financial, a firm devoted to providing superior business development and marketing services to companies of all kinds. With 25 years of experience in the financial sector, Price is skilled at discovering promising, under-funded business ventures and building them up through public financing options and investment banking. A proud veteran of the United States Army, James Price currently sits on the board of numerous organizations, including the YMCA of San Diego and the I AM Foundation.

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