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Leading project resource firm Xversity rebrands to Versa to better meet customer needs

SEATTLE, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Xversity today announced its new brand name, "Versa." Based in Seattle, Versa provides a wide range of capabilities and project-based solutions for operations, marketing, and technology initiatives.

"We've seen a strong demand for an alternative to the crowded market of traditional strategy firms and staffing agencies," said Ray McKinley, director of Versa.  "Strategy firms offer high-powered employees and high-level solutions. However, they lack the flexibility to deliver the right-fit and right-cost resources necessary to solve immediate challenges. Staffing firms have a broad range of capabilities. But as a resume channel, they struggle with consistently delivering deeply vetted, dedicated employees. Versa bridges that gap."

Versa provides instant, experienced team members to deliver results across a multitude of areas, including project management, business analysis, marketing communications and content, and web development and testing. The firm provides proven resources from individual contributors to dedicated teams of professionals that can quickly scale as needs change. Partnering with its sister company Slalom Consulting, Versa combines reliable resources with intelligent delivery, making it the premier project resource provider for its clients.

Xversity focused on hiring the country's best talent, including many with MBAs, from higher learning channels. While the company still hires top talent from leading institutions, they have expanded to include experienced industry professionals. "This change enables us to be the best possible partner to our clients. By efficiently executing their operations, marketing, and technology projects, they can focus on their most strategic initiatives," said McKinley.