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LeWiz Gen5 Ultra Low Latency, Multi-Session TOE Core Available

LeWiz releases its 5th generation TOE Core for ultra low latency application to customers. LeWiz’s Gen5 TOE core features 100% hardware offload for stateful, multi-session, multi-processing with flexible filters and advanced functions for high availability, high reliability or mobile markets.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- LeWiz Communications pioneered the hardware-based stateful TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) technology. Today, LeWiz releases its 5th generation, ultra low latency TOE Core suitable for implementing the entire user application on a single chip – the ultimate dream of low latency.

Latency is a critical parameter for customers in the financial sector. By processing the entire TCP/IP protocol in hardware and tightly integrated with user application processing unit(s) with stream interfaces, LeWiz reduces the latency of the entire application (including the TOE functions) down to the nano-second level – several orders of magnitude than what can be done previously. LeWiz further fine tuned the paths of the design allowing high clock speed processing over the entire chip for 10Gbps or Gbps rate. The higher clock speed yields lower latency and faster throughput.

Working with customers in the financial sector, LeWiz enhances its advanced TOE for high message rate and small payload size usage. Difficult functions such as retransmission, multi-session management and data ordering are offered as standard parts of LeWiz TOE Core. Also available is hardware-based, flexible, dynamic filters using the 5-tuples with wild card support. Such mechanism allows applications in servers to open general session for server supported services while allowing data transactions only on specific, user-application accepted sessions. This avoids attacks, filters out unwanted traffic (eliminate unnecessary processing overhead). It also makes the hardware-based servers look like software-based systems to the user – just a whole lot faster.

LeWiz’s Gen5 TOE Core offers additional advanced functions (not available in others) such as dynamic health check of remote system or network, and dynamic adaptive calibration according to network conditions, varying or long distances. These are important in high reliability, high availability, or mobile applications. LeWiz TOE is a non-blocking design. It supports multi-processing, direct placement for multi-CPU or multi-thread applications.

With today’s programmable chips achieving much larger in logic density and integrated low latency serdes, LeWiz Gen5 TOE Core is ideal for implementing a complete user application in such devices. LeWiz implementation solves difficult on-chip routing and timing problems associated with larger chip sizes. LeWiz TOE Core is self contained and flexible for use with either on-chip stream interface or off-chip standard bus (such as PCI-express bus) making the core adaptable for different user applications. Of course, LeWiz TOE Core can also be used for ASICs. The core is coded using standard RTL language and uses industry standard tools. Its architecture is modular and scalable from low to high number of sessions suitable for small embedded applications to large server system applications.

LeWiz offers customization and flexible licensing alternatives to suit customer’s specific requirements.

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