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MLAR: Is Democracy Dying Along with the Dogs of Pennsylvania? Elder Vogel Refuses to Move Bill Banning Gas Chambers.

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- State Senator Elder Vogel refuses to support or move forward important legislation banning gas chambers in Pennsylvania in spite of overwhelming bipartisan support in both Pennsylvania's Senate and House of Representatives. As Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator Vogel has the final word when it comes to moving House Bill 2630 through his committee. And that word last week was "no" - sending shock waves through the General Assembly and animal welfare organizations who had hoped to end the barbaric use of gas chambers in the Commonwealth.

The bill passed the Senate with wide-spread support then moved to the House in September where it garnered 196 votes in favor; 6 opposing. Because the bill was amended slightly in the House it had to go back to the Senate for yet another vote. Many assumed this to be a mere formality and the bill would easily pass, but Senator Vogel (who represents portions of Allegheny, Beaver, and Lawrence Counties) has ignored pleas to release the bill for a vote. Bill Smith of Main Line Animal Rescue urges constituents in Vogel's districts to contact the Senator and politely ask him to support and help pass this crucial piece of humane legislation. Smith's group plans to organize both a rally with other animal rescue groups and a candlelight vigil in Vogel's district in memory of the dogs who continue to die in the three remaining gas chambers in PA.

When asked if the refusal to support HB 2630 might hurt Senator Vogel's chances in the upcoming election, Smith said he couldn't comment or be involved in the political process. "We just want what the majority of Pennsylvanians want - to see dogs treated humanely. And this bill would have ended a lot of needless suffering. I hope Senator Vogel changes his mind by next Monday while there's still a chance the bill could pass" said Smith. "I hope the bill isn't taking its final desperate gasps before ultimately dying. Not unlike the dogs in these places if HB 2630 doesn't pass."

Main Line Animal Rescue contact: 610-933-0606

SOURCE Main Line Animal Rescue