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ORSYP Introduces Network Performance and Storage Performance Agents for Sysload Software to Improve Capacity Management

PARIS and BOSTON, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ORSYP, a leading provider of IT Operations Management solutions, today announced the availability of new Sysload agents to monitor and analyze storage device and network performance that will enable enterprises to assure end-user response time SLAs are met and provisioning of storage capacity is aligned to meet future operational demands.

Storage management is becoming a front-and-center issue for IT organizations with continual and substantial record data growths being projected, especially in file-based and unstructured content. At the same time, data center network traffic is set to undergo a fundamental transformation driven by cloud adoption. Leveraging new storage device and network agents with powerful Sysload modelling and analytical capabilities, IT Operations teams are now ideally positioned to address these issues with a solution that will also minimize performance degradations, reduce resource contention and manage surges in demand driven by applications and end-users.    

Sysload captures uniform performance and utilization metrics for storage devices covering multi-vendor architectures. Hotspots and bottlenecks are isolated monitoring LUN activity in real time, ensuring end-users benefit from optimal performance. Tracking disk volume utilization and automated forecast reports simplify capacity planning to meet future storage demands. Sysload monitors performance of any network device using SNMP metrics, easing detection of slow traffic, packed loss, devices failures and other network conditions. These new agents exploit Sysload's distributed architecture, assuring the unparalleled scalability required to monitor the growing number of physical or virtual devices in data centers.

"Constant increase in volumes of data is making responsive network communications and effective storage management a strategic challenge that IT Operations Management specialists face. These new Sysload features aim to help users get the most out of their IT systems in their daily activities and get ahead of the business anticipating storage requirements and network bandwidths," comments Yann Guernion, ORSYP Product Marketing Manager.

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ORSYP is an IT Operations Management specialist that develops and markets innovative solutions that automate IT processes and optimize resource utilization. Headquartered in Boston, Hong Kong, and Paris, ORSYP has been chosen by over 1400 customers as their trusted partner for software, consulting and education since 1986.

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