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Pall Corp. Partners with Carson Helicopters on Sea King Engine Upgrade


Pall Corporation (NYSE: PLL), a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, has entered into a new partnership agreement with Carson Helicopters, Inc. to provide an upgrade of its legacy Centrisep® engine advanced protection system (EAPS) for Sikorsky Sea King/S-61 helicopters. Carson, an FAA-approved helicopter innovator specializing in the overhaul, repair, and remanufacture of the S-61 product line, will hold the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) on the Pall Centrisep EAPS. The newest design will improve the performance and operating efficiencies over the existing S-61 EAPS system and will be significantly lighter. It can be installed on commercially certified S-61 aircraft, whereas the legacy EAPS was only available to Westland Sea King operators and government users of Sea Kings. Carson and Pall jointly introduced the upgraded system at the recent 15th Annual International Sea King Symposium in Melbourne, Florida.

Model representing new Centrisep(R) engine advanced protectionsystem (EAPS) for Sikorsky helicopters.

With approximately 620 aircraft in service today, the Sea King/S-61 model is one of the most widely used military and commercial helicopters in the world. As many as half of the aircraft currently in service are flying without air filtration systems, subjecting the engines to potentially significant amounts of damage-inducing contamination.

“Pall and Carson are once again joining forces to combine our respective, long-standing experience in helicopter innovation to improve the safety and life expectancy of one of the world’s mainstay helicopter fleets,” said Vince Northfield, president, Pall Aerospace. “The newest enhancement of the Pall Centrisep EAPS will be especially valuable to those aircraft currently in service without engine protection systems.”

”The Carson/Pall relationship has been very successful, and we look forward to new and innovative ways to enhance safety and engine life using Centrisep EAPS technology,” said Frank Carson, president, Carson Helicopters, Inc.

The Centrisep EAPS is an inertial air cleaner system that removes airborne contamination from helicopter engine inlet air. The air stream is subjected to a centrifugal force that continuously separates contaminants and exhausts them overboard. The EAPS technology reduces erosion of critical engine components and hence, extends engine service life, enhancing helicopter safety, reliability, availability, and performance even under severe conditions (i.e., sand and dust; rain; snow and ice.)

Centrisep engine advanced protection systems (EAPSs) have been protecting helicopter engines since the 1960s. More than fifty different designs have been certified and over 10,000 systems have been delivered. To learn more, please go to

Pall Aerospace provides filtration and separation solutions for a broad range of commercial and military fluid applications, including air, fuel, lube, hydraulic and transmission. Its filter products are used on major aircraft platforms and ground service and military equipment worldwide.

Carson Helicopters (, using science and technology, provides solutions for current and mature rotorcraft problems using their in-house capabilities to include design, engineering, flight test, structures, avionics integration and mechanical assembly. Carson has successful programs with governments, manufacturers and commercial operators worldwide, supplying advanced airfoil designs for main and tail rotor blades, engine upgrades, glass cockpit retrofit, structural modifications and special mission equipment installations.

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