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Real Estate Social Network™ Offers Real Help to Real Estate Industry

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Finding the right real estate professional at the right time can be a real challenge, but help arrived on October 8, 2012 with the launch of Real Estate Social Network™. As the first online network to unite associates from all aspects of the real estate industry, not just agents and brokers, RESocial.Net provides a forum for finding and contacting professionals in related fields to facilitate property development, purchase, and maintenance.

The founders of RESocial.Net have highlighted the most desirable aspects of other popular social media, networks, news, and blogs, and blended them to create the only nationwide all-in-one social network with a specialized focus on real estate -- and made it free to join!

Residential and commercial professionals from over seventy-five areas of expertise now have the opportunity to search connections, create profiles, join groups, post blogs, discuss and share news about all things real estate. RESocial.Net combines real life colleagues together online in a professional atmosphere, enabling all the parties involved in the entire spectrum of real estate-related activities to rapidly reach experts necessary to get the job done.

Many of the problems real estate agents, brokers, and asset managers face on a daily basis are solved by team efforts, and multiple teams are needed to meet each property's needs. For this reason, RESocial.Net's expansive membership includes a wide array of real estate-related professionals from all areas of the industry. RESocial.Net's impressive 75+ profile types include real estate agents, brokers, appraisers, eviction attorneys, foreclosure attorneys, asset managers, property managers, escrow officers, auctioneers, architects, interior designers, lenders, landscapers, structural engineers, electricians, roofers, plumbers, painters, abandoned animal rescuers, storage unit managers, movers, real estate sign companies, educators, and many more.

Essentially, the site provides free target marketing for business-to-business sales opportunities between real estate industry professionals. By creating a custom profile page describing their own real estate related business, products, or services, members have the opportunity to promote discounts to other Real Estate Social Network™ members.

With Real Estate Social Network™ property managers, agents, and asset managers can easily search a specific profile type, such as "Plumbing" or "Extermination." Then they can search for RESocial.Net members of that profile type within X number of miles from the property's zip code. Members are encouraged to include profile information offering discounts, upgrades, bonuses, or special rewards to other RESocial.Net members who become their clients or new customers.

Real Estate Social Network™ is dedicated to providing a user-friendly, all-inclusive web platform for real estate professionals to communicate and learn new ways to save time and money. Although the Basic Membership will always be free, an upgraded $9.99 per month Gold Membership plan will soon be introduced, which will provide additional features including the ability to post property sales and rental listings, communicate with other members via chat, securely transfer contracts and large documents to RESocial.Net members, and more.

Real Estate Social Network™ members are offered the convenience of posting updates to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Digg, and Pinterest pages through RESocial.Net. Simultaneous network posting on the top media sites is just one of many ways Real Estate Social Network™ plans to save real estate professionals time and money. The wait is over. Real Estate Social Network™ has arrived.

Real Estate media professionals are invited to join too. Please go to RESocial.Net/Join and select the Media option.

Kelly Neal
Co-Founder, President of Operations
Real Estate Social Network, LLC
700 Lavaca St, Ste #1400, Austin, TX 78701

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