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Rosslyn Analytics Launches "Cut the Deficit" Campaign to Help Reduce the $16 Trillion U.S. Debt

NEW YORK, October 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

New report reveals that the US government could create 2.2 million jobs through better public sector procurement

Rosslyn Analytics offers FREE Cloud Spend Analytics App to US Public Sector Organizations to help deliver $100 Billion in Savings

The United States could create more than 2.2 million jobs by improving the way the federal government, states and cities manage the country's $2 trillion annual public procurement spend, according to a new report published by Rosslyn Analytics titled, "Generating Economic Benefit and Growth Through Smarter Public Sector Procurement."

Written by Colin Cram, an internationally recognized public sector expert, the must-read report details how US elected politicians and public sector employees could deliver $100 billion in cash savings by improving public sector procurement practices.

"Public sector procurement is the biggest lever that the government - federal, state and local - has to deliver cash savings, support job creation and reaffirm the US' global economic leadership," said Colin Cram, the author of the report.

"Rosslyn Analytics' 'Cut the Deficit' campaign aims to educate taxpayers about the value of procurement while showing public sector employees who are responsible for managing taxpayer money, better ways they can contribute to the country's economic prosperity through improved spending practices," stated Charles Clark, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics.  

Rosslyn Analytics has a track record of working with public and private sector organizations.  Last year, the company set a record by turning the UK's government's complex COINS database containing millions of rows of data into actionable information for public use in just 18 hours - earning praise from George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, H.M. Treasury.

"Taxpayers Protection Alliance is excited to join Rosslyn Analytics' non-partisan "Cut the Deficit" campaign to save the country $100 billion through smarter procurement," said David Williams, President, Taxpayers Protection Alliance. "Private sector organizations have much needed expertise and technology that government agencies and departments often lack - resources they desperately require in order to quickly tackle our dangerously high deficit and bring better accountability to how taxpayer money is spent."

Rosslyn Analytics is committed to helping state and local governments by giving their employees the tools they need to be creators of economic growth, not just caretakers of public money.

Starting today, public sector organizations have free access to Rosslyn Analytics' award-winning self-service spend analytics application, RAPid Spend Analysis-Standard, for 30 days. Colin Cram will provide the organizations with a FREE consultation on how they can obtain better value from the money they spend by improving public sector procurement best practices.

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