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Rumblefish and Clio Music Partner to Bring Machine-Generated Metadata to Sync Licensing

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Orpheus Media Research (d/b/a Clio™ Music), the developer of the first music analysis, search and discovery platform, today announced a partnership with Rumblefish, the leader in music soundtracks for social video, to bring more useful, objective metadata to its catalog of over one million copyright-cleared tracks. Using the Clio Genome Generator and Clio Sounds-Like Search products, Rumblefish API partners will now be able to offer their users a richer set of metadata. 

Rumblefish worked with the Clio Genome Generator to analyze and produce a robust set of metadata for its entire catalog. The company also plans on using the Clio Sounds-Like Search, a search engine that enables the Rumblefish API partners' clients to use music to find music, easing music search and discovery.

"Clio has automated the metadata generation process with a common, algorithmically-generated method. Users can now easily browse through our growing catalog and quickly find just the right soundtrack for their video," said Paul Anthony, founder and CEO, Rumblefish. "In the future, Clio Sounds-Like Search will provide Rumblefish API partners music similarity search functionality, which is the killer app for soundtrack search and recommendation."

The Clio Genome Generator provides Rumblefish with machine-generated metadata, such as melodic complexity, harmonic complexity and performance energy. The Genome Generator, which virtually eliminates the need for manual intervention, automatically generates metadata; enabling users to best find the soundtrack they are looking for.  

"Metadata plays a major role in cataloging and searching music. Until now, this process has required expensive and manual intervention, yielding irregular results and decreased accuracy," said Monte Zweben, Chairman of Clio Music. "Clio's solutions bring speed, accuracy and efficiency to these processes and support an overall superior search and discovery experience."

Rumblefish API partners will be able to access this Clio-enabled functionality in early Q4 of this year.

About Clio Music
Clio Music is the developer of Clio, the only pure music-to-music search and discovery platform that uses music to find music, producing higher quality matches and analyzing music up to 1000x faster than existing keyword search technology. Clio combines deep musical expertise with search technology to deliver highly accurate and relevant matches based on mood and texture. Created by musicians, Clio is the first platform to look at musical context and grammar to understand and interpret musical mood and texture. By referencing the music directly, matches are more accurate and large catalogs of music can be quickly analyzed with or without metatags. For more information, visit  

About Rumblefish
Rumblefish is the largest provider of soundtracks for social video and has been a pioneer in the music licensing industry for over a decade. Through its API, SDK and Storefront offerings, the platform allows partners to offer soundtrack functionality for web and mobile applications, and provide access to the world's largest copyright-cleared soundtrack catalog with more than 1 million tracks. The company makes soundtracks for online video easy and legal, and has issued more than 6 million licenses, paying millions in royalties to its artists. Rumblefish partners include YouTube, Animoto, Socialcam, Klip, Virtual Active, Amazon Studios and Google. The company can be found at and is headquartered in Portland, OR.

SOURCE Orpheus Media Research