S. Korea KOMIPO buys 900,000 T coal for Nov-Dec

SEOUL, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Korea Midland Power Co Ltd(KOMIPO) bought 900,000 tonnes of coal for delivery betweenNovember and December via tenders last Thursday, a utilitysource said on Wednesday.

The utility purchased 770,000 tonnes of Indonesian coal ataround $70 on a free-on-board (FOB) basis. It bought theremainder of Australian origin at around $80 FOB, the sourcesaid.

While he declined to disclose suppliers, other details areas follows:TONNE SPECIFICATION (NAR) ARRIVAL770,000 min 4,600 kcal/kg Nov-Dec130,000 min 5,700 kcal/kg Dec

Note: The 770,000 tonnes are divided into 11 lots. Six lotswill be delivered in November and the rest in December. All theprocurement is for Boryeong Power Plant.

(Reporting By Jane Chung; Editing by Prateek Chatterjee)


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