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Superior Essex Announces the Grand Opening of the New Energy Manufacturing Facility in Tarboro, NC

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Superior Essex Inc. announces the Grand Opening of their first North American energy cable manufacturing location. The Grand Opening will take place today at 11:30am EST at 2901 Anaconda Road, Tarboro, NC 27886.

Following a two-year, collaborative effort between LS Cable & System, Superior Essex, and the city of Tarboro, the opening of the new manufacturing plant will allow for a significant increase in production of energy cables to meet the demands of commercial, industrial and utility customers. The 250,000 square foot facility includes a 125 ft. tower to produce medium voltage cables and additional equipment to cover a wide range of energy applications. The building design and cable technology were supplied by LS Cable & System, the parent company of Superior Essex and one of the top four global manufacturers in the energy cable market.

The initial launch of the Superior Essex Energy cable portfolio in February 2012 included low voltage 300V and 600V instrumentation cables for control systems, audio, intercoms, energy management, and alarm controls and low voltage 600V control cables for industrial, utility power, or station control circuits.

“Our Grand Opening marks our expansion into medium voltage energy cables as well as other larger low voltage cables for multiple markets and applications. As we do in the other markets we serve, our aim is to provide the energy cable market with the best combination of high-quality products, world-class service and overall solutions for the changes coming to this industry,” said Lindsay Allen, Vice President of Marketing for Superior Essex.

The event hosts will be Christopher Koo, the Chairman of LS Cable & System, John Son, the President and CEO of LS Cable & System, Stephen Carter the President and CEO of Superior Essex, and Lindsay Allen, Vice President of Marketing for Superior Essex.

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About Superior Essex Superior Essex Inc. manufactures a broad portfolio of wire and cable products and accessories with primary applications in communications, magnet wire/winding wire, energy, and related distribution markets. It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of copper and fiber optic communication wire and cable products and accessories to telephone companies, distributors, and system integrators. It is a premier manufacturer and distributor of magnet wire/winding wire (including related enamel coating materials) and fabricated insulation products to major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for use in motors, transformers, generators, and electrical controls and a distributor of insulation and related products to smaller OEMs and motor repair facilities. It also offers low voltage, energy efficient cable products to service the Commercial, Industrial, and Utility markets for control systems, audio, intercoms, energy management, and alarm controls.

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