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The New York Society Of Renderers Announces October Release Of Its Latest Portfolio

NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The New York Society of Renderers (NYSR) is pleased to announce the release of the seventh edition of its Architectural and Interior Rendering Portfolio.  NYSR, based in New York City, publishes the Portfolio every four years, both as a presentation of the very best in local architectural illustration and as a resource for architects, developers, and designers who wish to commission renderings of their own.

"It is my pleasure to introduce the New York Society of Renderers' seventh Portfolio showcasing the best of design illustration that our profession offers—from traditional pencil and watercolor imagery to stunning digital creations," announced Ryan Cohen, president of NYSR.  "Architectural rendering is about more than simply duplicating how a space will look.  It's about transforming a conceptualized idea into a masterfully designed visual. Within the Portfolio pages, we hope that clients find the perfect illustrator to bring their design to life."

The NYSR Portfolio, being sent in early October to designers and developers in the greater metropolitan New York area, provides a comprehensive collection of interior and exterior renderings created by local talent. Potential clients looking to commission artwork can use the book as a resource and guide to finding the right artist for specific projects. 

The Portfolio will be available for purchase on in November.

About the New York Society of Renderers

The New York Society of Renderers (NYSR) is an organization founded in 1985 to give definition and support to the profession of architectural illustration, which plays a crucial role in the design of any imagined environment.  Today, Society members work in different styles and media—including pencil, watercolor, tempera, digital painting, and 3D computer graphics—but all share in common the desire to advance their artistic capabilities while promoting local talent and best business practices.  In addition to the print publication of its Portfolio, NYSR conducts workshops for its members, curates exhibits for the public, and publishes an online portfolio of members' work to benefit the network of professionals in the architecture, design and real estate communities.  For more information, please visit

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