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Total Therapeutic Management, Inc. Invites Directors Of Pharmacy To Learn Strategies Of Medicare Part D STAR Ratings Improvement

KENNESAW, Ga., Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As the healthcare landscape continues to rapidly evolve, pharmacy and medical directors are increasingly challenged to demonstrate improvement in quality and outcomes to reap the rewards that come with these changes. TTM is attentive to this ever-changing environment and is introducing the second webinar in their Quality Improvement Series in which it will focus on Medicare Part D STARS improvement.  "Improvement in STAR ratings are critical to the success of Medicare Advantage Health Plans and we are pleased to provide meaningful and timely education to our clients and prospects in this arena," said Barry Patel, Pharm.D. President and Co-Founder of TTM.

Dr. Mitzi Wasik, Pharm.D., Director of Medicare Pharmacy Programs at Coventry Healthcare, will lead this timely discussion. Dr. Wasik has extensive experience on quality initiatives for Medicare Part D STAR ratings. Dr. Wasik will describe the quality-based bonus opportunity in the Medicare Advantage STAR ratings program relative to the triple-weighted pharmacy quality measures, the barriers to overcome while improving STAR ratings: member and provider engagement; and identify the strategies to improve STAR ratings. The webinar will benefit medical, quality and pharmacy directors, as well as other clinical leaders looking to develop better communication channels with providers using quality metrics data.  Interested parties are encouraged to register for the free webinar at

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Based in Kennesaw, GA, Total Therapeutic Management (TTM) is a unique physician-focused quality improvement company that provides health information management, research and education support services to some of the nation's largest healthcare organizations. TTM's services have helped organizations improve quality as measured through HEDIS and other quality measures by helping patients ultimately achieve treatment goals based on national guidelines for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Since 1995, TTM is the company healthcare organizations have relied on to deliver critical sound information that ultimately leads to better health outcomes. TTM has successfully implemented projects in various disease states with over 130 managed care plans and 50,000 physician offices nationwide. For more information, visit

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