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T.R. Heinan's Debut Historical Fiction Novel Explores Lalaurie Legend

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --In "L'immortalite: Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen" (ISBN 0615634710), author T. R. Heinan shows the lengths people will go to in the quest for immortality. The historical fiction/horror novel combines horror, history and humor to tell the story of New Orleans' "most haunted" house.

Set in a 1830s Creole community in New Orleans, "L'immortalite" takes readers on a journey with Philippe Bertrand, a reclusive lay sacristan who struggles to have compassion for others after the deaths of his wife and mother. He is led to a mansion owned by Madame Delphine Lalaurie, and there, he meets a young slave named Elise. The events that follow result in the slave's escape, the discovery of macabre medical experiments in the mansion's attic and the intervention of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

Given the cult following of both title characters, Heinan believes it is time for readers to be able to enjoy the entire urban myth of the Lalaurie mansion as historical fiction in book-length form. "During the two years I spent writing this book, two non-fiction history texts have been published attempting to demythologize the Lalaurie legend," Heinan says. "A myriad of websites provide brief accounts, and a few authors have touched on parts of the legend in their books."  He acknowledges that history books can provide the documented facts about the Lalaurie legend, but doubts that documentation and historical records alone are what bring daily crowds of visitors to the mansion and the grave of Marie Laveau.

Heinan hopes readers will have a deeper understanding of New Orleans history while enjoying the ride that he takes them on through Philippe's meditative quest for eternal life. "L'immortalite: Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

T. R. Heinan is a Minnesota native, born and raised in Duluth. Heinan attended Marquette University and worked as a journalist before beginning a career in investment banking specializing in the airline and motion picture industries. After retiring, Heinan spent his time writing and serving orphaned and homeless children at a Mexican orphanage that he helped build. "L'immortalite" is his debut novel.

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