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VCXC Launches Support for New All-IP Telco Category

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Daniel Berninger announced Voice Communication Exchange Committee (VCXC) support for the new all-IP telco category combining IP services, IP devices, IP access, and IP interconnects. Operational expense benefits, reduced regulatory expenses, and revenue growth through HD voice and other new services make all-IP telco's the future of the telecom industry.

VCXC offers member network operators:

1) Immediate policy parity with information technology companies

2) Private member to member IP interconnects supporting IP provisioned services

3) Support for a transition to HD voice as the universal core voice service by June 15, 2018

Daniel Berninger previously led the founding teams and recruited the CEO's for ITXC (acquired by Tata/Tom Evslin) and Vonage (NYSE: VG/Jeffrey Citron). Daniel's experience includes the original Bell Laboratories VoIP deployment team, CEO of Free World Dialup, co-founding the VON Coalition, and leading the first VoIP deployments for HP, Verizon, and NASA as the principal telecom expert for Vocaltec Communications.

"Combining elements of FWD, ITXC, and Vonage with AT&T U-verse creates a category of all-IP telco distinct from any of the 21 service provider types recognized by the FCC," said Daniel Berninger, founder, VCXC. "VCXC offers a multistakeholder governance alternative to the FCC and gives operators an opportunity to demonstrate the public interest benefits of leaving IP communications unregulated."

"The transition from limited purpose global telephone networks to a general purpose all-IP infrastructure is well underway as a result of consumer choices," said Tom Evslin, Principal, Evslin Consulting. "VCXC under Daniel Berninger's leadership offers the private sector a forum for negotiating operating agreements to assure that consumers benefit from the full potential of the new infrastructure."

The review process for membership applications begins October 15, 2012.

About VCXC: (

VCXC - Voice Communication Exchange Committee - is a Washington, DC based nonprofit membership organization for the new all-IP telco category of service providers. VCXC works with member operators to speed the transition to all-IP networks, preserve the unregulated status of IP communications, and upgrade core voice service to HD voice. The clock started for a six year all hands on deck transformation of telecom at VCXC's June 15, 2012 IP Transition as Grand Challenge event.

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John Abel, +1 703-596-4130
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Daniel Berninger, +1 202-250-3838

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