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Vision Capital Profiled in Canadian Hedge Watch September 2012 Magazine

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- We are pleased to announce that Vision Capital Corporation has been featured in the September issue of Canadian Hedge Watch’s monthly publication. The cover story includes a recent interview with Vision’s President and CEO, Jeffrey Olin, as well as a “snapshot” profile of the Vision Opportunity Funds, managed by Vision Capital Corporation.

In addition to the profile, the publication details comprehensive performance statistics for 207 Canadian Hedge Funds. It is noteworthy that, in the summaries of each of the top performance metrics tables on pages 20 and 21 of the magazine, all of the Funds managed by Vision are amongst the top 98th-96th percentile. More specifically:

Highest 3 Month Return   7.59% - 7.47%
Highest 1 Year Return 27.90% – 27.11%
Highest 3 Year Return (Annualized) 29.22% – 24.15%

The Vision Funds were also amongst the Funds with the fewest down months over 1 and 3 year periods:

Fewest Negative Months over 1 Year   1 month - 2 months
Fewest Negative Months over 3 Years 7 months

Please click here for a copy of the aforementioned publication.

About Vision Capital Corporation

Vision Capital Corporation (“Vision” or the “Manager”), a registrant with the Ontario Securities Commission, currently manages the Vision Opportunity Funds (the “Funds”), comprising a range of private investment products currently available to accredited investors. The Funds focus primarily on the real estate sector and invest predominantly in publicly-traded equity and debt securities. The Funds target investments that are expected to outperform on a medium term, risk adjusted basis. They can make concentrated investments in the Manager’s best ideas and themes, and utilize a long-short strategy. The Manager selectively employs active investing strategies to improve returns. While the Funds have flexibility to invest outside Canada, they operate primarily in Canada. The managers employ a value-based approach and seek to benefit from the fact that Canadian publicly traded real estate securities are often not efficiently priced.

Vision benefits from the experience, expertise, insights and relationships of its portfolio managers, Frank Mayer and Jeffrey Olin. Previously, Frank Mayer was a top-ranked Canadian real estate investment analyst and senior executive with several global and Canadian investment dealers for more than thirty five years. Jeffrey Olin has over twenty five years of senior level, corporate and investment industry experience, with ten years in the real estate industry and fifteen years in investment banking and investment industry senior management positions.

The Vision Funds have received considerable industry recognition for their leading risk-adjusted return performance. The Vision Opportunity Fund Limited Partnership II received an award at the 2011 Canadian Hedge Fund of the Year Awards at KPMG as the best performing (new) fund. This is the third consecutive year that a Fund managed by Vision was recognized as amongst the top five in Canada. The Vision LP was the top performing fund in the Scotia Hedge Fund Index in 2010. In addition, the Vision LP received a Bronze Award as the Best Opportunistic Hedge Fund by Morningstar in December 2011. Each Vision Fund that has been operating for more than 3 years has earned a Morningstar 5 star rating.

For information on the Vision Opportunity Funds, please visit our website at, or call Jeffrey Olin at 416-362-6546 or Frank Mayer at 416-362-6547.

Vision Capital Corporation
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