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Yokogawa Electric Corporation Obtains Wurldtech Achilles Practices Certification

VANCOUVER, British Columbia and TOKYO, Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Wurldtech Security Technologies, leaders in protecting mission-critical connected devices from cyber security threats and Yokogawa Electric Corporation, today announced that Yokogawa has obtained Achilles® Practices Certification, passing best practices benchmarks for device manufacturers' security processes and practices for  product development throughout a product's lifecycle.   

In 2010, the International Instrument Users Association (WIB), a cross-industry multi-national consortium of leading operators of control systems, established a set of security requirements for equipment vendors in order to improve the security, availability, and reliability of their facilities. In 2011, the WIB requirements were submitted as a New Work Proposal and are in the process of Committee Review for ratification as the international standard IEC 62443-2-4.

"We are excited to award the Achilles Practices Certification to Yokogawa," said Wurldtech CTO and founder, Nate Kube.  "By obtaining this certification, Yokogawa establishes itself as an industry leader, building robust, secure products, and a culture of security."

Through Achilles Practices Certification, Yokogawa meets the security requirements set by the WIB. In doing so, Yokogawa is able to provide its customers with the assurance that its corporate processes lead to the development of secure products and systems.

"Yokogawa is committed to innovation and quality. It is important to us to demonstrate this by meeting the standards set by the International Instrument Users Association," said Yokogawa principal systems architect, Graham Speake, "This certification not only meets the requirements of our customers, the owners/operators of critical infrastructures, but also simplifies and expedites the customer procurement process, while demonstrating best practices in supplying secure, robust products."

About Wurldtech Security Technologies
Founded in 2006, Wurldtech is a software company providing protection for mission critical connected devices against the persistent and dynamic threat of cyber attack. Wurldtech follows our customers' security lifecycle by providing innovative assessment products to discover and analyse threat and vulnerability profiles; mitigation of known vulnerabilities in installed networks with Achilles Threat Intelligence Signatures and device and development practice certification through Achilles Certification. Wurldtech's internationally recognized cyber security experts help industrial stakeholders identify and mitigate cyber security vulnerabilities to reduce the risk and cost of attacks. Global customers worldwide spanning Oil & Gas, Electric Power, Medical, Nuclear, Chemical and Water Treatment markets currently use Wurldtech solutions. Visit for more information.

About Yokogawa Corporation of America
Yokogawa's global network of 90 companies spans over a total of 55 countries. Founded in 1915, the US$4 billion corporation conducts cutting-edge research and innovation. Yokogawa is engaged in industrial automation and control (IA), test and measurement, and other business segments. The IA segment plays a vital role in a wide range of industries including oil, chemicals, natural gas, power, iron and steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and food. For more information about Yokogawa, please visit our website

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