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2014 US Green Card Lottery Now Accepting DV Lottery Applications

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- has recently announced the opening of the official 2014 United States Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery Program. As there are only approximately fifty five thousand US green card lottery applications winners each year, the amount of actual applicants for the green card lottery are numbered in the millions.

As thousands of US green card lottery applications will be rejected due to application errors and other reasons, thousands of people applying for the green card lottery have chosen to use professional US DV lottery services such as The people who use legitimate DV lottery services have a much higher success rate in the actual application submission and acceptance process. As no one company can guarantee an actual winning US green card lottery confirmation number or winning position, applicants still choose to use professional DV lottery services for numerous reasons. offers professional green card lottery services to eligible applicants interested in an easier way of obtaining a US green card or US visa. This particular website offers it's users a user friendly and multi-lingual experience, while providing great free resources for all users, in culmination with the professional green card lottery application reviewing and actual submission of a users green card lottery application.

This website has a streamlined and very simple application and tracking process entirely online, they accept direct mail applications, they accept online and direct payments for services rendered, along with providing one of the cheapest and most professional Diversity Visa Lottery services currently online.

US Green Card Lottery Application

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