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8thBridge® Announces the all new Graphite™. A Revolutionary New Social Commerce Platform that Expands Social Engagement from Campaigns to Commerce.

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- 8thBridge, the market leader in social commerce, launched a release to its social commerce platform, 8thBridge GraphiteTM, during a live webinar event. Graphite2 is the first and only social commerce platform to weave a social experience into the entire ecommerce purchase funnel. With the launch of expanded Social Expressions, Curation & Discovery, Ratings, Rewards, and Social Login to the Graphite2 platform social engagement is dramatically expanded across two new dimensions.

  1. Broader social integration across the entire purchase funnel from campaigns-to-ecommerce.
  2. Wider community engagement that now includes not just the 5% of power sharers but also the 95% that more often engage by watching what others share.

The addition of Curation & Discovery enables consumers to organize the things they love right on the brand's website by creating boards or collections of items that go together.  These collections are shared on the users Facebook® Timeline, and into the Ticker and News Feeds of friends. Curated collections are also available on the retailer's website for other shoppers to discover and follow.  Curation creates a fun, Pinterest®-like shopping experience that let's customers shop not only by product category, but also by people. 

"Our platform captures the essence of Social Commerce – providing brand advocates with engaging ways to provide social recommendations around the products they love." said Jon Kubo, Chief Product Officer at 8thBridge.  "This earned media is now shoppable by everyone, not just the 5% that share."

Crowd-sourced content generated by people with taste creates Social Recommendations that engage all consumers where they shop. Through Social Recommendations emerges a new level of discovery occurring on ecommerce sites, driving up average order values and conversion rates as people find new things to buy from others. Customers that engage social recommendations increase their average order size by 20% and convert at a 35% higher rate.

"We think the social recommendations are so much more powerful than any of the algorithmic recommendations that exist today." David Cost, VP eCommerce and Marketing, Deb Shops. "With Style Boards, the shopper is only seeing items that are related to the product on that page.  It's put together by another human, it's just natural."

Graphite2 is the first social commerce platform that spans the entire engagement from campaigns-to-commerce.  Extending beyond customized social actions such as MUST HAVE, OBSESSED or WEARING for products, with Graphite2 Social Expressions people can now share their feelings about promotional campaigns, media like blog posts and videos, and even purchases they've made.  Integrating Social Ratings creates valuable, trusted user reviews that are shared content on the website as well as extend the brand reach on Facebook.

Social Rewards are a simple way to reward your brand advocates for sharing their intentions with their network. With Graphite2 Retailers can choose to provide incentives for their customers to login and share or to reward their most influential advocates and power sharers.

"Our customers didn't want to have multiple authentication for their shoppers.  We are integrating login for all social features to create one seamless social shopping experience for customers." Said Wade Gerten, Founder & CEO at 8thBridge.  "For most brands, social login alone isn't valuable.  The bigger value is to create an exclusive, member only area of the site that you have to login to access."

8thBridge clients benefit from a single technology partner that support all of the social engagement and social data integration from short-lived marketing campaigns to on-going ecommerce integration. The benefits of Social Login in a fully integrated social commerce solution extend to both the brand and the user.

Fully integrated to Facebook's Custom Open Graph technology, Graphite collects data throughout the entire customer experience, from awareness to consideration through to purchase.  When integrated with existing marketing systems, the collected social data provides tremendous value to personalize experiences and monetize interest data. 

The Graphite platform enables a better strategy for how brands not only provide engaging social experiences for their customers but also monetize social media. Graphite gives marketers a way to move beyond marketing campaigns that are focused primarily on awareness and buzz to a perpetual cycle of engagement and enhanced shopping experiences. Marketers can now create a brand-consistent social advocacy program and then maximize it over time with deep social commerce insights from Graphite. Graphite2 is by far the most advanced and complete social commerce platform on the market.

8thBridge is a Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer and has been a beta partner with Facebook's Custom Open Graph technology.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Pinterest® is a registered trademark of Pinterest, Inc.

About 8thBridge, Inc.
8thBridge makes it possible for customers to shop where they socialize and socialize where they shop. 8thBridge's clients empower their customers to shop on their own terms in a shopping experience that is portable, personalized, and participatory. From the groundbreaking early days of F-Commerce with 1-800-Flowers in 2009, to the award winning Delta Air Lines social travel planning app in 2010, to the 2012 launch of the Ticketmaster Timeline app, 8thBridge has partnered with some of the world's most respected and innovative brands, including Delta Air Lines, Hallmark, Oscar de la Renta, and Ticketmaster. 8thBridge is funded by Split Rock Partners and Trident Capital. For more information, connect with us at and on Twitter at

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