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At “Cops West,” Anima Solutions Will Debut Arcus™, a New Records Management System for Law Enforcement Agencies

Aimed at Small- to Mid-sized Towns, Cities, and Counties, Arcus Offers Hard-to-Find Customizability and Flexibility for Records Management

EL PASO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Anima Solutions, a leading technology and solutions provider to municipal governments, today announced the debut of Arcus™, the company’s new Records Management System (RMS).

Available now, and aimed at small- to mid-sized law enforcement agencies, Arcus gives records clerks and administrators unheard-of flexibility in records management. With document and image attachment management, easy navigation, two powerful search engines, and no-excuses customization, Arcus conforms to an agency’s own procedural requirements, without being handcuffed by uncooperative software and inflexible software vendors.

Arcus is so customizable, it allows any agency to implement its own agency-specific configuration and design of the Arcus system. Those who have used Arcus report that the software can conform exactly to their own workflows, while offering ease-of-use, multi-access record searches, and the ability to share records with other platforms and external agencies.

Arcus offers a series of remarkable features including an always-on-top menu bar, which accesses all of Arcus’ software modules, and a scrolling alert system that contains administrator-defined “major” and “minor” alerts. A sidebar within Arcus contains a list of all files and items associated with any record on screen, so users can get an at-a-glance universal view of any open record. These items can be double-clicked to easily navigate to any related file throughout the system. Images and documents of any type can be attached and saved within Arcus records, and image icons offer one-click capability to view images in larger scale. Documents and images can also be double-clicked to be auto-opened in Windows programs. Other Arcus features include integrated windows domain security, flexible permissions, and the ability to scale Arcus to the needs of the agency, from small-scale (with just the base set of modules) to a capability that provides mobile computing, web-based apps, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), or any module that fills the needs of a mid-sized city.

“Law enforcement and municipal agencies in the small- and mid-sized range are often overlooked by independent software vendors that tailor their solutions only for large-scale or ‘cookie-cutter’ implementations,” said Anima Solutions’ Dan Arriola. “Arcus is a knock-out product. Take a look.”

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