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Aviacomm Announces the ARF1010EX Flexible Wideband RFIC

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Aviacomm Inc., a leader in wideband RFICs is announcing their latest addition to their smart transceiver product portfolio, the ARF1010EX.  Targeting the highly complex, multi-band radio requirements in the fast growing 3G and LTE markets, the ARF1010EX provides a single chip solution to meet the market demands for more flexible RF Front End (RFFE) solutions.  Through Aviacomm's patent pending AgileRF Technology, the ARF1010EX supports frequencies between 300MHz to 2.8GHz all within a low power, small footprint CMOS IC.

Given the ability to support channels from 0.5MHz to 40MHz, the ARF1010EX is perfect for devices that need to roam between multiple networks.  System designers can take full advantage of AgileRF by eliminating individual RFFEs required for different frequency bands.  This unique capability greatly reduces design complexity and system cost. 

"We are proud to introduce the ARF1010EX, second in our series of RFICs.  This is just the first step; our roadmap is geared toward solving the complex frequency demands placed on devices by consumers expecting connectivity wherever they go, via 3G, 4G, WiFi, TVWS and more," said Aviacomm CEO Shih Mo.

About Aviacomm
Aviacomm ( ) was founded by a group of wireless experts focused on solving the last remaining barrier to cognitive radio solutions – the RFIC.  Aviacomm offers low power, high performance, frequency agile front-end solutions that address a variety of markets and applications. The ARF1010EX in CMOS covers from 300MHz to 2.8GHz, and channels sizes from 0.5MHz to 40MHz wide enabling this single RF solution to support multiple technologies up and down the frequency spectrum.

SOURCE Aviacomm Inc.