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Award-winning Schizophrenia24x7 website enables people with schizophrenia to share music

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BEERSE, Belgium--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A newly-refreshed version of the Schizophrenia24x7 website, visited by more than 260,000 people from 190 different countries since its launch in 2011, has gone live today – World Mental Health Day – a day devoted to raising public awareness about mental health issues.

Schizophrenia24x7, which is run by Janssen and is available in 12 languages – with another nine languages soon to be available, was developed to support people living with schizophrenia and their families, with practical information and resources. The new additions to the Schizophrenia24x7 website include:

  • The Getting Better Journey – a highly visual and interactive desktop workbook developed in conjunction with Professor Doug Turkington, Psychosocial Psychiatrist at the University of Newcastle, which allows people with schizophrenia to set goals for their future and track their progress
  • Music Sharing – a platform developed in association with Reflections Music featuring compositions and tracks written and performed by people with mental health issues. People with schizophrenia can upload and share music, and develop artist profiles. This follows on from the success of the existing patient art section, which showcases the creative talents of people who have experienced mental distress. The artwork is provided by Breakthrough Art, an organisation that promotes positive mental health through the creative arts
  • Mark in Space – The second instalment of an animation about the character Mark, a young man who is getting the most out of his life whilst living with schizophrenia

Alisdair Cameron of Launchpad, an organisation which endeavours to improve mental health services and who reviewed the updated website, said “Schizophrenia is becoming more and more understood in terms of the impact of symptoms, the effective treatments available today and the importance of staying well. It is vital that people with schizophrenia are educated and equipped with appropriate tools to help them manage their condition. The Schizophrenia24x7 website has a wealth of useful information and provides visitors to the site with interactive resources to track their progress.”

Schizophrenia24x7 still contains all of the useful information previously hosted on the website, the most popular of which include:

  • An overview of the different treatments covering medications and psychotherapy, which explains the importance of continuous medication
  • The Talking To Your Doctor section that provides top tips for people with schizophrenia and carers about how to have a useful discussion with their doctor about their illness and how they feel
  • Meet Mark animation that illustrates how a young man with schizophrenia stops taking his medication without discussing it with his doctor, how this leads to the threat of relapse and why it is important to take back control
  • Resources such as a patient diary allowing people with schizophrenia to record their experiences and feelings

Visit to take a guided tour of the content on Schizophrenia24x7 or visit to check out the website for yourself!

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About Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complex illness in which people have difficulties in their thought processes leading to hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking and unusual speech or behaviour (known as ‘psychotic symptoms’).1,2 These symptoms mean that people with schizophrenia can find it difficult to interact with others and may withdraw from everyday activities and the outside world.1,2 Whilst psychotic episodes can be a frightening experience for people with schizophrenia, correct treatment and management can effectively control the condition. The Schizophrenia24x7 website is an important self-help resource to support the patient journey.

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1. APA Clinical Guidelines. American Psychiatric Association. Practice guidelines for the treatment of patients with schizophrenia. 2004

2. Falkai et al. World J Biol Psychiatry

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