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BrightLine Releases Nearly a Decade of Interactive Television Advertising Metrics with the Relaunch of

BrightLine unveils the hard facts behind successful application of interactivity in advertising

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BrightLine, the leading provider of interactive television solutions for entertainment and advertising, announced today the relaunch of The site is not only a testament to the surge of consistent innovation coming from BrightLine; it is a loud public unveiling of nearly ten years of evolved viewing behavioral insights and performance metrics culled by BrightLine, and available for the first time without subscription or registration.

“We have been tracking and analyzing the evolution in how viewers consume premium video content for the last nine years, giving us a unique understanding of what viewers want across platforms and devices. Our ability to repeatedly apply this understanding to lift measured ROI sets us apart from the crowd,” said Kristin Youngling, Director of Design Intelligence.

The beta site launches today with a sampling of data and solutions management the company has provided for nearly 500 interactive campaigns on television, tablets, mobile and gaming consoles. Designed and created as a resource for interactive advertising and the evolved viewing behavior that fuels it, the site features details on the most sophisticated In-Television™ solutions, a showcase of BrightLine’s most compelling interactive case studies as well as a library of the company’s proprietary and historical insights.

“With the excitement of smart television, and tablets and smart phones as the new second screen, we are proud to be providing data intelligence that guides a new dialogue with your consumers, whenever, wherever and however they watch,” says Rob Aksman, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Designer.

This evolving destination for all things BrightLine is also the only place advertisers can dictate and determine how to build an interactive campaign with real ROI by leveraging historical, measured performance.

“We have created solutions for some of the most engaging and innovative brands living the shift from monologue to dialogue,” said Jacqueline Corbelli, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO. “We decided when the site relaunched - that we would also make it the first time the results of our proprietary work would be available to the public, without fee or registration. It's the only source of proprietary insight that tells you how, where and why to integrate interactivity in advertising.”

About BrightLine

BrightLine is the leading provider of interactive television solutions for entertainment and advertising. BrightLine creates experiences that transform passive televised advertising or programming into dynamic, viewer-driven brand interactions that generate superior consumer involvement and ROI. Bright Line’s proprietary iQ® software suite aggregates consumer behavior trends and historical program results to inform the design implementation of integrated, data-driven advertising and programmatic experiences.

BrightLine has become the industry standard and currently delivers interactive advertising to over 225 million television sets across the United States. BrightLine’s platform agnostic In-Television™ solutions have launched on cable, satellite, and telco TV providers, connected televisions, game consoles, mobile phones and tablets. BrightLine's work has also reached over 20 countries around the globe.

BrightLine has designed and executed nearly 500 interactive television solutions for top marketers including but not limited to, American Express, GlaxoSmithKline, Kellogg's, Red Bull, Jim Beam Global, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Unilever and Verizon Wireless. To learn more about how BrightLine is revolutionizing television advertising, please visit

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