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Dance Video App adds Gangnam Style creativity to your iPhone

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Until now, being part of the chart-busting, record setting music video craze captivating the world from Seoul was out of reach for fun loving folks across the globe. Want to see a Gangnam Style dancer next to Grandma at her 80th birthday party or have a “foxy lady” make an appearance in your office? Workprint Innovations says “now you can.”

The Chicago-based creative company has launched the “Gangnam Style” inspired collection for Dance Video App, now available in the Apple iTunes store ( for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Cast it

With the initial free download, Dance Video App comes with three preloaded characters and one Gangnam Style dancer. The dancing characters are all entertaining, so any choice works. Once the character is selected, the app guides you to the next step.

Shoot it

Dance Video App allows users to record a video positioned around “dance zone,” the designated area where the chosen dancer will ultimately be inserted into the video. The user is able to view the dance zone while recording the video, so he/she can position the action and direct the scene accordingly.

Share It

Each video is automatically stored in a personal gallery within the app and can be saved to the user’s device. From there, the videos are easily sharable to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well as via email.

“Just like millions of others who watched South Korean pop star Psy’s mesmerizing music video on YouTube, we agreed the world needs more Gangnam style video clips”, said Matt Cimaglia (@MattCimaglia), the CEO and Founder of Workprint Innovations with over a decade of professional video entrepreneurship.

Dance Video App’s straightforward user interface transforms the smartphone from a recording device to a creative tool. “The app is intuitive, easy to use and supported on the most recent iPhones. With the iPhone 5 available and increased processing speed, the overall performance of the app will be improved significantly,” Cimaglia continued. “This was a great opportunity for me to take my two passions in business, mobile technology and video production, and marry them together into one project that empowers creativity through innovative simplicity.” And because many dynamic dancers is better than one, The Gangnam Style Collection, and other collections, are available within the app’s “Shop” for $0.99 each.

As for the future of Workprint Innovations, Cimaglia added, “With the success we’ve already achieved, and the limitless possibilities, our team is already at work on many different applications and contexts for our programs. Our next app, as well as options for new Dance Video App characters, are already underway.”

Workprint Innovations designs, develops, and distributes video production related applications for mobile devices. The processes required to manipulate images in a highly professional and aesthetically pleasing way that produce good results are generally technically complex, costly and time-consuming. High-quality video production is now available to anyone who owns a smartphone and downloads a Workprint Innovations application. Our applications simplify these processes, allowing you to add to or modify video taken with your iPhone.

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