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Global Gamification Leader Badgeville Launches Badgeville for Jive

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Badgeville, the #1 gamification and behavior management platform, today announced the launch of Badgeville for Jive, a new offering which makes it easy for businesses with existing Jive-powered communities to promote adoption, sustain engagement, and help their business grow using game mechanics across their entire enterprise. Badgeville for Jive enables businesses to apply these mechanics across existing Jive communities and integrate this rewards and reputation program across their full application ecosystem.

While Jive Software provides a robust community platform for people to connect and share relevant knowledge across customer- and employee-facing communities, businesses still struggle to drive engagement within these experiences. In fact, Gartner claims that 72 percent of people registered for proprietary online communities never engage with them. The challenge lies in reminding users that they registered for a community, and then creating a rewarding experience for contributing and engaging.

"Gamification is a necessity for online community and collaboration software to increase user adoption and usage," said Carter Lusher, Research Fellow and Chief Analyst Enterprise Applications Ecosystem at Ovum. "Adding game mechanics to experiences requiring user generated content drives measurable value for situations that encompass both customer-facing and employee-facing activities. Properly deployed, game mechanics offers a way to recognize top contributors and increase overall engagement. Frankly, gamification is quickly transitioning from an interesting new technology to a 'must have' tool."

Many of Jive's largest customers, including EMC and VMware, have leveraged Badgeville's behavior management technology for Jive, and have seen massive increases in usage and adoption. In fact, on average, companies have raised user engagement by 21 percent with Badgeville by creating a more dynamic experience for users that rewards their participation.

Badgeville for Jive Software offers a plethora of robust features and functionality compared to limited point-and-badge gamification solutions. The connector offers a native gamification experience on Jive community pages, instead of hidden in a separate tab. Integrated seamlessly with Badgeville's Behavior Platform, the connector also offers businesses the opportunity to port user reputation, status, and rewards within their Jive community to other websites and applications such as CRM, Service/Support, Collaboration, LMS, HCM, and social experiences for customers and partners.

Badgeville for Jive Beta Customer Results:

  • 20% increase in files downloaded
  • 25% Increase in User activity & engagement
  • 40% increase in videos watched

This rise in engagement has resulted in:

+ Improved Adoption & Engagement. Companies have raised user engagement by 21% by creating a more dynamic experience for users that rewards their participation.

+ A More Collaborative Workforce. By surfacing and socializing key rewards in Jive, improve collaboration between sales teams and reinforce valuable user behavior like contributing and rating content.

+ Building A Knowledge Store. As users codify their expertise and identify gaps, future questions will be answered faster and your community becomes a destination.

"By creating a stickier experience on top of Jive's communities, companies can increase customer adoption, contributions, and satisfaction," said Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville. "Badgeville for Jive has driven massive increases in engagement for world-class companies, and we look forward to partnering with more of Jive's world-class customers to help them increase adoption, engagement, and value from their community software investment."

Leading Jive development agency SolutionSet has partnered with Badgeville to help world-class companies deploy Badgeville for Jive. SolutionSet, experts in the social enterprise, will be available to discuss Badgeville for Jive integrations at JiveWorld this week. Visit the SolutionSet booth for more information.

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Badgeville, the #1 gamification and behavior management platform, enables companies in virtually every industry to influence and measure user behavior. World-class businesses in more than 20 countries use Badgeville's Behavior Platform, an award-winning Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, to increase customer loyalty, user engagement, and employee performance across an organization's websites, mobile apps and enterprise applications. With over 180 customers, Badgeville brings Game Mechanics, Reputation Mechanics, and Social Mechanics to industry leaders and innovators including Deloitte, EMC, Oracle, Citrix Systems, Autodesk, Bell Media, NBC, Universal Music, Recylebank, VMware, and more. Founded in 2010, Badgeville is based in Redwood City, Calif. and has offices in New York and Europe. (To learn more follow @Badgeville or visit

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